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Golden Card and Lottery Ticket Question?

Dragon Warrior II

Golden Card and Lottery Ticket Question?

User Info: Kronoan

Accepted Answer

Yes, you can still get free tickets from the Item Shop, or from monster drops. Yes only the Item shops hand the tickets out.

The enemies are the Magic Ant (Lake cave), Orc King (Rhone cave), Undead (lighthouse), Lizard Fly (near Hamlin), Healer (near Cannock), and Carnivog (near Lianport).

I think you also get a lottery ticket when you match two symbols, but you have to use a ticket to do that.

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Game Detail

  • Platform:NES
  • Genre:Role-Playing ยป Japanese-Style
  • Developer:ChunSoft
  • Publisher:Enix America, Inc.
  • Release:September 1990
  • Also Known As:Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no Kamigami (JP)
  • Franchise:Dragon Quest / Warrior

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Help with Lottery

Dragon Warrior II

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User Info: Kronoan

Hi, I’d like some help with the Lottery game here. I’ve heard some people say that they know how to play this to get any prizes they want, in terms of timing etc. Could someone let me know if you know how to do it, to get any prize? I’m playing the game normally (normally use save states to save myself this kind of headache) but I’m not doing that unless to save my progress in any game or for backup in case of problems.

I’m trying to learn how to play games normally again but crap like this & many other RNG crap makes me want to say f it. So, please help me learn how to do this so I don’t have to resort to save states to get what I want from the Lottery game! Thanks everyone!

User Info: MeteorStrike
User Info: Kronoan
User Info: MeteorStrike

I never came up with a “rule” that helped in doing this, but once, using save states, I got it to stop with all 3 Suns. Doing it over and over with save states gave me some “practice” into figuring out when to stop it manually. Eventually, I got it to the point where I could time it with a high level of consistency.. but I still don’t really have a “method” to do it.

I think if you use the “training wheels” of save states, you can eventually learn when to stop the reels a little better on your own.

User Info: Kronoan
User Info: The Admiral

I spent hours practicing lottery timing when I was younger. You can get pretty good at it if you really want to invest the time. There are a couple of things to know:

1. The symbols on each of the three wheels are always in the same order
2. The timing between when you press the button (or don’t) and when the wheel stops is different for each wheel, but consistent on that wheel for each play

Every strategy revolves around the Sun crest symbol. This is the rarest and most easily identifiable crest to spot as the wheel spins. The trick is to press the button at the right time once you see the Sun Crest pass by. Once you get the knack for it, you can pretty consistently get within a symbol or two of the one you’re targeting each time. You’ll need to do a bunch of trials to get the symbol order and appropriate timing down. Develop a system of mental counting that helps you push the buttons at a consistent time. With some work, you can definitely master the lottery well enough to win the best prizes.

User Info: Kronoan
User Info: MeteorStrike

1. The symbols on each of the three wheels are always in the same order

You mean for each specific wheel right? I played around with this a little bit today, and I found the algorithm that runs the wheels. To summarize, each wheel has 16 symbols, but each of the 3 wheels has the symbols in their own order:

0 = Sun Crest
1 = Star Crest
2 = Moon Crest
3 = Water Crest
4 = Heart Crest

0x188E5 -> 0x188F4 = All 16 Symbols for the first wheel
0x188F5 -> 0x18904 = All 16 Symbols for the second wheel
0x18905 -> 0x18914 = All 16 Symbols for the third wheel

Wheel 1 Symbols Order = 4 3 2 4 0 4 1 4 2 3 4 1 3 4 2 3
Wheel 2 Symbols Order = 2 4 3 1 4 0 2 4 1 3 4 3 1 4 0 4
Wheel 3 Symbols Order = 4 0 4 2 1 4 3 2 4 3 1 4 2 3 4 3

Wheel 1 Symbol 0 Total = 1
Wheel 1 Symbol 1 Total = 2
Wheel 1 Symbol 2 Total = 3
Wheel 1 Symbol 3 Total = 4
Wheel 1 Symbol 4 Total = 6

Wheel 2 Symbol 0 Total = 2
Wheel 2 Symbol 1 Total = 3
Wheel 2 Symbol 2 Total = 2
Wheel 2 Symbol 3 Total = 3
Wheel 2 Symbol 4 Total = 6

Wheel 3 Symbol 0 Total = 1
Wheel 3 Symbol 1 Total = 2
Wheel 3 Symbol 2 Total = 3
Wheel 3 Symbol 3 Total = 4
Wheel 3 Symbol 4 Total = 6

User Info: Kronoan
User Info: Kronoan

Hey guys, I’m posting because I find myself in a mess over something about playing DW II. I think unfortunately I’ve reached the point in the game where I can’t keep Armors/Weapons with multiples of 4 or 8 equipped anymore. I’m both stuffed to the max now, I did the trick to get 2 Water Flying Cloths but now it’s making me feel bad – like I cheated. 2nd, I’m getting pummeled by any Firebane spells & without equipping at least one WFC it’s going to be very rough.

I bought the PoC a Magic Armor, according to several different item lists it can either be nothing special, protect against Fire (?), Swamps maybe (?) or IDK. I’m not exactly sure if the WFC only protects against Fire damage or if it too may protect from either maybe Barriers or Swamps. I didn’t want to ask anything about what I don’t know, but it’s killing me not knowing. Also, in your guys opinion should I just forget about my preference & equip what I can to save space?

What I hate & is the biggest reason I don’t want to is that I’ve made it this far through the game not having to change how I play, & I don’t want to keep thinking once I’ve changed “Could I have been OK in the end?” Also, in your guys opinion even though I’ve gotten a 2nd WFC should I equip it on the PoC & the ProM or sell the one the PoC is carrying & make do with the Magic Armor? Another reason I don’t want to change how I’ve been playing DW II is that if I change to other Armors, I’m going to miss the Clothes Hiding’s Evasion effect. ๐Ÿ™

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