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Lottery Crusher

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Lotto crusher is a device that people can use when they are looking for details that help them play prediction games. Lottery Crusher claims to operate a system guarantees a sure win for interested players around the world and have successfully helped in producing winners from around the globe. Now, system works by entering 7 previous winning numbers which the system will then go ahead with and split out possible winning numbers that they provide to you, afterwards, all you need to do is play using those numbers.

The simplicity of the Lottery Crusher process makes it stand. This simple process involves writing the winning numbers down, a little math equation, and the system does everything is well too easy and too simple that makes us wonder if it really exists. The Lottery Crusher team sincerely wants users to believe that winning the lottery with their help can be truly seamless. But a closer look at the lotto crusher system formula reviews and evaluations shows that the actual process should never be that simple, hence rendering their process too simple and impractical.


Lotteries and Software

The lottery Crusher System advertises it will work for winning all lottery games such as, Arizona Pick 5, Pick 6, and Powerball, Arkansas Powerball and Mega Millions, California Fantasy 5, SuperLotto Plus, and Mega Millions, Colorado Cash 5, Lotto 6, and Powerball, Connecticut Cash 5, Classic Lotto, and Powerball, Delaware Multi-Win Lotto, Hot Lotto, and Powerball, Florida Lotto, Fantasy 5, and Powerball, Georgia Fantasy 5, Powerball, and Mega Millions, IdahoWild Card 2, Hot Lotto and many other lotto games. According to the latest 2015 best Winning Lotto System Poll Results, the Lottery Crusher did not rank very well at all.

The Lottery Crusher System is a very misleading system, that has been made to sound much better than it really is and claims to do what it cannot do. Like most lottery software systems, Lottery Crusher makes huge claims about their system and how it offers amazing winning lotto success, but in truth, there are hardly any single lottery software system that offers more than a two percent success rate.

Some users have complained that Lottery Crusher does not have customer support. This is in contradiction with their initial claim that they will provide a customer service number once they download the software.


There is no free or paid mobile app made available on the website for download. The website is also not user-friendly with complicated and boring interface, not detailed instructions on how the process works is made available as well.


Promotion are made available on their website, if you are patient enough to listen through the thirty-three-minute-long video that provides the only information available on their website. Their prices include a five-day trial at the cost of $4.95 (cancellation possible within this period). Then, the cost is at $39.99 for thirty days. However, on their affiliate sites, the prices are different: one-year membership at $9.99 per month paid yearly at a cost of $119.98 up front or a three-month membership of $59.97 ($19.99 per month) renewed every three months. While, the one-month membership is $29.99. The system looks like a pyramid type of game where the only people that win are the ones selling the system.


Payments are generally made online. This is after you must have created an online account.

Customer Support

Player support is a week point for Lottery Crusher as there’s no FAQ page. The lottery article section is an interesting read, but not a supplementary for answering the burning questions.

For reaching someone from Lottery Crusher, there’s a simple contact form

Is Lottery Crusher legit or fraud?

Considering the name, the testimonials, the system, and the inconsistencies of the Lottery Crusher, one would be left with doubts as to the legitimacy of the business. Lottery Crusher is not legit. There’s a promise for a full money back guarantee after 60 days, but I didn’t get a chance to personally check it.


Lottery Crusher touts itself as the ultimate solution to increasing the probability odds of winning lotteries, however, based on feedback from online reviews and shared personal experience, as well as the obvious lack of content on their webpage, it would be categorized as a scam. They current have a one out of ten verdict, because even though there are systems out there that supposedly increases the probability odds, playing lottery would always be about sheer luck.

The Lottery Crusher created a lottery software based on a proprietary number guessing formula that is supposed to slightly better the odds for winning the lottery on a regular basis. According to Lottery Crusher it was formulated by lottery experts with 40 years of real life lottery experience. Read my review.

Lotto Crusher System Review

February 28, 2018 by manumani

Are you interested in earning money online by playing video games or trading or gambling or whatever it may be? Have you before heard about online lottery system to win more odd profit by spending a few minutes per day? If you want to increase your income level, just start using this Lottery Crusher System immediately to win more odds of profit in a few days.

It is very simple to use and suits for any person who wants to win at all the time without losing their confidence level. There is not cheating or breaking the rules. Of course, this simple system will work incredibly to make you feel surprising with your profit level.

What is Lotto Crusher System?

Lotto Crusher System is the best system in online which supports all the users to playing the lotto and using deceptively and predictable methods to win the lot without wasting your invested amount to become the winner. It is the best breakthrough system created to keep building long-term wealth by putting more and more money in your bank account by winning lot. It uses some of secret code and formula to evaluate the winning odd and suggests you buy the tickets quickly. This system highlighted some secret on winning the lottery multiple time and showing advanced, winning numbers to hit huge profits. It is suggesting you win at multiple times and showing the way to turn you millionaire.

How Does Lotto Crusher System Work For You?

Lotto Crusher System uses some of the simple steps and techniques to chose the winning lottery and offering the chance to win the lot at every time. But looking at the odds of all these situations, we saw the probability of winning around 1 and 13,000.00 in any of the six game types. Those are not big odds. But they are just the winners of this multitude.

But this system will show you how this winning prize system works and almost starts winning pretty good payouts regardless of whether you are fifth or 14th place every month. It used different formulas to look around and combine their core elements and added some additional principles about the probability of increasing the likelihood of predicting the winner more. You can use this formula to predict the winning numbers to check the real winning numbers to win the lot.

What Will You Learn From Lotto Crusher System?

First, start collecting and write the previous winning numbers of each of the games that you want to play in the fresh legal pad that you can use it this calculation purpose. You can get from Wal-Mart or Dollar General if you want it. If you gathered the at least seven previous winning numbers of game, then use the simple formula which is highlighted in the Lotto Crusher system to find the right one. This formula works basically like add and divide the few numbers to analyze the best one. So you can buy your tickets which are based on the winning numbers, and you can repeat it, again and again, to multiply your income level by hitting more profits.

Regarding experience, you have to pay about $ 20,000 to win once or twice a month. You can get $ 10,000 in a few months, and in the other month, you can cash a check for $ 200,000 with a large number of winners or jackpots. Getting a great success is an amazing feeling, but it’s important to set realistic expectations. So you can shoot about $ 20,000 a month.


  • Lotto Crusher System offers the user-friendly guide to support all the users.
  • You can win a lottery and get what you want in life.
  • It is something good to make money online, and anyone can do it by using some basic mathematical calculation to analysis the winning odds.
  • You can track the number of your favorite games and link them to this little formula for finding the way to win.
  • When you have a draw next, look for the number with the highest probability.
  • It is important to understand the method of winning the lottery without wasting your time and money.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to access this system because it is available online only.
  • It doesn’t make any promise to make your millionaire overnight, but it takes the little time to get more profitable winnings.


So, make sure that you are smart about your winnings from Lotto Crusher System. Well, anyway, most of these multi-time winners were pretty good people with the mathematical calculation to earn more wealth. You will be surprised at the long-term consistency. Every lottery game in the world follows the same principles, so it is always effective when a particular game or a new game takes its place. It also allows you to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars wisely, helping you convert money into cash for more money.

So, don’t miss this opportunity. Grab it before the offer ends.

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