deluxe bingo games

Deluxe Bingo Game

Bring all the excitement of the Bingo Hall into your home with the Deluxe Bingo Cage Set.

Play with friends or family and be the first to shout House! and win the game. This classic game comes with everything you need including a metal Bingo Cage for an authentic experience.

Use the double-sided Bingo cards to tick off the numbers as they’re shouted. Unfortunately, you’ll have to supply the prizes for the winners.

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Deluxe Edition Bingo Game

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Deluxe Edition Bingo Game

Enjoy a fun classic game of Probability with this Deluxe Edition Bingo Game.

• 1 x Rotary Cage
• 1 x Number Board
• 75 x Bingo Balls
• 18 x Game Cards
• 150 x Tokens

Spin the cage with the numbers in and wait for the next number to roll out. Call the number and the first person to cover a row or a full card and shouts “BINGO!” wins the game.

A classic family game, can be played at parties, celebrations or with friends.

Product Information:
• Bingo Game
• Deluxe Edition
• Rotary cage included
• Players: 2-18
• Ages: 3+

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