cars to buy if you win the lottery

Top 10 Lottery Winners’ Cars

After houses, the most common purchase made by new lottery winners is a brand-new car. Not just any old car either – after all, if you’ve just hit the lottery jackpot then you are going to start checking out some high-end motors. As you will soon discover, jackpot winners have ended up buying some pretty spectacular rides – although some settle for rather more modest cars. We will also let you know the ten most popular car models purchased by lottery winners.

Lucky Number 7

UK Lotto winner Tom Naylor could certainly not be accused of thinking small when he won just over £15.5 million. Tom wanted to have a different car for each day of the week, and with that in mind he bought a Rolls-Royce Phantom, three Jaguars (an XJ, XK and XJ220) – an Aston Martin DB9, a Land Rover Discovery and a Hummer.

Modest Millionaire

A lady publicly known only as ‘Petra L.’ won a similar amount of money from the German Lottery in 2007. However, she chose to invest some of her €15 million win in a rather more modest drive. Instead of a different luxury car for every day of the week, Petra and her husband elected to spend €10,000 on a Polish-made Fiat Panda.

Brand Disloyalty

William Shanteau was one of 14 factory-workers to win a share of $1.2 million each from the Powerball lottery in the US. Despite the fact that Mr Shanteau worked in the Chrysler car factory in Detroit, he did not stay loyal to the brand when electing to make his first purchase a red Chevrolet Corvette.

Get Out of Jail Free?

Prison officer Garina Fearon only buys a lottery ticket every few months, but buying a MegaMillions ticket in 2010 turned out to be a pretty good investment. She scooped a jackpot win of $54 million, and made a new BMW 5 Series one of her first purchases. She also elected to keep her job working at New York’s notorious Rikers Island Prison.

Sweet Deal

Gillian Bayford and her husband Adrian were among the UK’s biggest ever lottery winners when they shared a massive lottery jackpot of £148 million. Gillian ordered five cars – three £60,000 Audi Q7 SUVs and two £40,000 Audi Q5s — as presents for her family from a local car dealer. After she and Adrian divorced, Gillian went on to get engaged to the car salesman who sold her the fleet of cars.

Generous Grandad

An even bigger spender was Peter Congdon from Cornwall, who won £13.5 million from the lottery and quickly started spending some of the cash on new cars. In total he bought 12 new cars in the first five months after his win, including £115,000 BMW i8, a Range Rover and a special limited edition Land Rover Defender. Members of his extended family were the lucky recipients of brand-new cars from this generous great-grandfather.

Caged Fighter

Cage fighter Gavin Davies invested a chunk of his million-pound lottery winnings in luxury cars, including a particularly flash Lamborghini Spyder LP560-4. Unfortunately, things were not all smooth sailing; within a year of his win he was arrested when he tried to strangle his girlfriend with the seat-belt of his Audi during a row.

Smile for the Camera!

Kristian De Moura Portugal used the proceeds of his £1.3 million online slot game win to invest in a brand-new Porsche. He made waves recently when a photo appeared online showing that he had left his car parked in front of a police speed camera, with the boot opened so as to obstruct the camera’s view. I guess that speed cameras are the enemy when you are driving a Porsche!

Road to Nowhere

Derry native Ryan Magee made a beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia one of his first purchases after winning a share of a huge jackpot which netted him £6.4 million. Unfortunately, the money from that 2008 jackpot win has now gone, as has the expensive car, and Mr Magee was recently banned from driving for 5 years due to driving while disqualified and uninsured

Simple Simon

Irishman Simon Fagan wasn’t exactly shooting for the stars when he bought his first car after winning €3.6 million on the Irish Lotto. Rather than a Porsche or a Ferrari, Simon elected to buy a second-hand Kia with more than 150,000 miles on the clock! A modest man, Simon wasn’t interested in showing-off his new-found wealth, hence the simple car choice.

Top Ten Lottery Winners’ Cars

As you can see, lottery winners are a pretty diverse bunch when it comes to motors. The National Lottery in the UK carried out a survey of their winners to try and determine which cars were the most popular purchases among British lottery winners. Check out the top ten lottery winner cars list – there are a couple of surprising entries in there:

  1. 1. Land Rover/Range Rover
  2. 2. Audi
  3. 3. Jaguar
  4. 4. Mercedes-Benz
  5. 5. Ford
  6. 6. BMW
  7. 7. Peugeot
  8. 8. Porsche
  9. 9. Toyota
  10. 10. Vauxhall

You may be thinking about your own car right now, and about which of the models listed above that you would like to replace it with. Well one thing that all of these lottery winners have in common is that none of them knew they were going to win in advance.

Discover the most popular cars of lottery winners. Ten stories about lottery winners and the cars they bought with their millions: you will be surprised!

What Car to Buy If You Win the Lottery

Millions all over the world dream of bagging the lotto and finally being able to purchase a ride of their dreams. And to bring that desire closer, Lotteries are taking over the world.
In May alone, more than two earth-shaking jackpots were up for grabs. The 687.8 million dollar power-ball and the 1.5 billion mega lotto.

If you have that amount of cash at your disposal, what would you spend it on? A new gas guzzler is certainly one of them. Or even a fleet of powerful, gleaming gas guzzlers to blow your neighbor’s minds.

Of course, there are other important things like clothes, food, holidays and even condos that you could spend the free money on, but there is no better way than spending a fraction of the winnings on a car of your dreams.

Actually, exotic cars are one of the most jaw-dropping, exclusive, and sensible destinations for most lottery winners.

And with tons of supercars, hypercars, and sports cars to choose from, which vehicle or vehicles are worthy of a lottery winners’ newfound millionaire status? See what cars most lottery winners have bought:

2001 Honda Civic

Yes, you are a billionaire now. And the status comes with a lot of new factors, including walking around with a target on your head. For instance, everybody will be hitting you for some cash, whether it is somebody asking you to invest in his or her projects or somebody asking for a loan.

It can even be somebody who wants to separate you from your money forcefully. As such, sometimes it is better to cruise ‘undetected’ and what a better way to achieve that than in a 19-year-old Honda Civic?

The 2001 Honda was probably one of the most boring and unnoticeable of all Hondas.

There are only around a million of them globally, so chances of anyone paying attention to it are very low. And because you have some extra dollar bills, you can fine-tune it and add niceties such as updated suspensions, limited-slip differential, and supercharger.

Don’t make it too low. You might draw too much attention!

Lexus LC 500

There are countable units of this Japanese car, and that is what most lottery winners want. An extraordinary wheel that not only commands attention but also draws stares and delivers performance with its sleek and futuristic design.

The car cemented its place in the exotic sports car world, in Marvel’s superhero film, “Black Panther.” The machine excels at being a regular driver and handles almost every twist, including traffic lights or turn you encounter.

It is an attention-getter, stylish, and agile coupe. The stunner with an impeccable interior is fast, fun enough to drive, and pleasing to the eye. In fact, if looks could kill, this one would be serving several life terms.

Ferrari 488 GTB

The successor to the over and above classical Italia 458, the Ferrari 488 GTB is one of the finest luxury sports cars at the moment. The engine is an outright beast.
With a 3.9L twin-turbo V8, it is capable of producing up to 660 horsepower! Also, its 200 MP/H top speed is ideal for that speed maniac billionaire!

McLaren 720S

After conquering Formula One, British supercar manufacturer, McLaren, is now commanding local streets. A few years ago, the carmaker decided to use its advanced motorsports technology to start manufacturing cars that were street authorized and satisfied the craving of wannabe car racers.

And in less than eight years, the firm has stamped its authority with the McLaren 720S sports car, an amazingly fast wheel. Actually, it has a whopping 710 horsepower! Any street driver would be lucky to experience that.

The nose is designed to look like a white shark with each curve and line crafted for maximum performance. This is a car that not only whips competitors thoroughly in terms of speed, but it is also comfortable to drive for long hours and offers better rearward visibility.

Tesla Model S P100D

Currently, the Tesla S P100D is one of the trendiest cars at the country club. It will blow your mind away with its straight-line thrilling acceleration as well as whisper-quiet features.

Do you want a ludicrous speed and top range P100D so that you can fly away from stares and the paparazzi? This is the car for you! What’s more, a fully fitted P100D will take you back a mere $150,000, which means you can purchase several of them if you wish.

Aston Martin DB5

Let’s be honest, most of us admired James Bond at some point, and now that you have millions, you can mimic his exotic and high-class lifestyle at least for a while!
And what a better way to start it than with his set of wheels? For less than $300,000, you can have a unique Bond version of the Aston Martin.

But why not the original one in the Goldfinger film? After all, you have the chums. The regular Aston Martin DB5 currently goes for around $500,000. Just be sure to order for your coupe shaken, not stirred.

Also, note that the same car was last sold for $4.6 million in 2010. Good luck in finding your ideal ride.

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