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  • Roarr! The Adventure of Rampage Rex

An action adventure game for kids where up to four players take on the roles of T-Rexes and defend the earth from alien invasion while causing massive havoc. Released on PC and consoles.

The company’s first dive into hypercasual market, an endless pinball game.

WIP: Polygon Rex

3D endless runner for mobile phones where you become a T-Rex out to stomp through waves of evil robots from outer space.

Interactive book for children learning to read, telling slavic fairy tales.

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We are a team of industry professionals with experience gained by working for biggest polish gamedev studios.

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BEFORE. I have read the first half of the story and due to the influence of the reviews (I tend to read reviews first before reading the story) I found it bad and boring, that’s why you should never read reviews, it’s a bad influence when you want to have a good read.

NOW. I happen to stumble upon the story again and decided to read it again and give it a chance. It’s been a year since I have read the first half of the book, . more>> and I foegot some of those negative reviews, so why not give it a try? AND GODDAMN IT! IT’S SO GOOD. This novel is like an old-age wine, it only gets better with time. Now I really can’t undeestand the bad reviews🤣

And about the story, it a combination of Horror-comedy and with a very slow paced romance.

From what I remember, it’s within chapter 190+ where their relationship really bloomed

And to all people who keep on saying how annoying the ML is, get out! It’s just his way of expressing his affection since he can’t really be together with MC (together means being beside MC, can’t touch MC, and can’t kiss MC), so it comes out somewhat excessive because that’s the only thing he could do. To speak/convey. And to all people who said he’s aggressive and a yandere, well it’s not like he acted on it, duh! So piss off, negative reviews!

At the beginning of the story it is very thrilling and intriguing. However, as it nears the end of the story, many things become convoluted and make it seem like they are in a hurry to finish the story.
I was still disappointed because there was no “you know what” scene with the yaoi tag, I thought with a bold attitude of . more>> ML such a scene would definitely arrive, but no. It’s very dissapointing and frustrating

    1. The ML sucks. He’s a creep, not only through his excessive, aggressive sexual badgering in book form but also the s*upid dreams. :thinkingface: “I’m certain that my love interest (MC) would really enjoy being chained up to a bed in his dreams and being touched and kissed without consent, especially after he’s rebuffed me five dozen times while awake and conscious.” It’s also nice that MC conveniently is unable to remember these dreams where he’s harassed.
    1. The MC is . . more>> He seems to be inconsistently characterized by the author. He’s mostly a robot a lot of the times. I think he’s emotionally stunted, but there doesn’t seem to be a very comprehensive reason why. He’s super smart but also kinda dumb, and I mostly say that because he starts thinking that the ML in book form is cute for seemingly no apparent reason. The only characteristic of the MC that I find remotely interesting is his compulsive curiosity.
    1. Theres. like zero tension in any of the instances. The MC just walks around and does whatever he wants with no consequence because he’s being protected by ML. The mysteries of the instances and the ghosts will just eventually be solved because the MC will conveniently get hand-held as he takes merry strolls. Then he just deduces everything. The end. I think it’s supposed to be funny when people react to him doing supposedly dangerous things and coming out unscathed, but the way the author writes it makes it really matter-of-fact. It doesn’t have the comedic punch it should like it does in other novels. It should be suspenseful or it should be funny. But it’s neither.

Honestly, the first two ghosts that the MC meets and befriends are more interesting characters than ML or MC. And they don’t even do that much.

I can’t really think of any pros but I sure do have a lot of cons to talk about. This novel is pretty bland and didn’t leave a positive impression on me even though I’ve read close to a hundred chapters already, waiting for it to get better. But it didn’t. It’s not bad, just. forgettable. Really forgettable.

  • The MC: Bland and two dimensional. Although you come across a bit of the main character’s back story, it doesn’t really connect with you because the MC is so utterly bland. I’ve read so much and still, I don’t have a strong impression of him. It’s his stoic and cold disposition (common in Chinese novels) which makes him such an uninteresting main character. You don’t understand what’s going on in his head, and the lack of connection to him just sucks the fun out of reading.
  • The Love Interest: Eighty-eight chapters in, and I don’t have strong feelings for this guy either. Eighty-eight chapters. He is just this bunch of random lines that shows up to expand the chapter length. The only qualities I’ve come across through his random and jarring appearances in the novel is that he’s obsessive, creepy, a stalker, and just an unpleasant person.
  • The Side Characters : They are just there to highlight how awesome the MC is. While most people are struggling and can’t figure out how to solve the mysteries, the MC is literally breezing through it, charming these foolish side characters with his indestructible main character halo. They are just as out of the loop as the readers.
  • The “Missions”: Tragically uninteresting. In the other novels I mentioned before, the missions made sense and the reader was able to see the logic and how the characters achieved the result that they did because it made sense. But here? Nothing makes sense. It just happens and while the other characters are just as out of the loop as us readers, the MC smoothly sails through it with absolutely bullsh*t logic. None of the clues connect and you have to just sit there and read what’s happening because you cant make sense of it – like why did the MC randomly stab the ghost ship without logic or reason? And then BAM, in the next chapter this random thing he did to seemingly check the sharpness of a weapon is the ultimate clue the MC knew all about. It’s gets annoying real fast. Basically, the arcs don’t make sense and they are just there to make the readers go “oh man, I don’t understand anything but the MC is so OP, he made logic disappear and arrived at this conclusion which didn’t even need build-up and logic. Wow, he is so cool”. No, he isn’t cool. The missions are shit.

Oh, I remember what I liked about this novel. First off, the translation quality is good and secondly, the MC collects ghosts which are pretty cute (their behavior, I mean). That’s it.

The story is funny, each world is interesting and involving, (and most importantly not too long, contrary to some worlds in Card Room, for example. Like the Heart Rooms. I found myself almost completely skipping them after the C level ones. )

The MC has various (though subtle, perhaps) layers to him. I found him particularly cute at times and cool at others. It is . more>> true that he’s perhaps a bit too OP compared to others, but each main side-character still does its part in the end. They each have their own skills set, characteristics and background, whcich makes them more likable. Besides that, I like the MC’s attitude with ghosts. Although at times a bit exaggerated by now, it’s still funny and can immediately break the tension.

The ML is, perhaps, the only thing which I really don’t like. He’s a total creep and a control freak – at least at the beginning. More than when he’s a yellow little book, I had difficilty swallowing his behaviour when he manifested himself at the start. Especially during those dubious dreams (?). That is not how a healty relationship should be like. Consent is important, people.

Fortunately, in the latest chapters he starts calming down. Especially in his human form he has quite a good personality for now, caring after the MC. The dreams (?) have gotten better as well.

Contrary to what others may think, what I like most about this pairing is exactly it’s slow pace. The MC doesn’t fall in love with a book and, although he likes the ML’s human person, he does not fall immediately in love with that either. Especially not after hearing the other’s reason for liking him is just that he is ‘cute’. And the true reason the ML is after him is obviously not really just because he likes his face, contrary to what he says (I’m really curious to know what’s behind that as well).

In short, this is really an interesting story and my favourite of its gender so far. Although it has some elements which aren’t exactly good (like the, at times, exaggerated OPness of the MC or the creepiness of the ML at the beginning) it is, overall, still menageable and a pretty good read.

Can’t help, but revisit my own review due to the shift of my opinion of this novel. The shift happened due to the following thoughts.

The more you read, the more you realize that the “romance” part of it is not exactly unbalanced, so far it’s practically dead. Some people might have rushed, while tagging this as ‘yaoi’ and my problem doesn’t lie in that, since I never care if the story is not romance-oriented, but it makes the story look odd, especially the furniture ML. With instances coming and . more>> going one after another and his inability to appear before the MC, unless it’s his thoughts as Little Yellow Book, his presence in the story is very little. Here and there he expresses his yellow thoughts, and sometimes there’s a line how he mysteriously appears and disappears, but it totally ruined his character and doesn’t allow his character to be redeemed. Why redeemed? Well, from first chapters the ML strangely acts as if they’re a married couple with MC and except from yellow thoughts it seems nothing comes out from his mouth. This makes you care less and less about him and their relationship with Xiao Li at all. I’m sure some want the switch of ML for someone else because of his weird attitude. Though he’s not the worst ML I’ve seen, at least he doesn’t kill people left and right because someone dared to look at his precious.

Next part is the story. Since it’s an ironic horror it has a lot of humor twists based on MC’s actions and words that contradict “standard” behavior in dangerous or ghostly situations. He befriends ghosts, trolls them etc. Unlike other reincarnators Xiao Li doesn’t see the instances as something horrible, due to his lacking emotional range, life and autistic behavior (thanks to obvious family neglect), he perceives meeting ghosts and solving puzzles as biggest excitement there is. But due to repetitive actions this can become a bit tedious, especially when real life parts get so little of time and instances follow closely one after another. Xiao Li started quite charismatic, he acts quite logically so it’s interesting to follow him. Plus he doesn’t fall for ML’s provocation, which I think is a plus, since ML comes as overbearing. But again, if you repeat same formula for who knows how many times, it will stop working.

All in all, the first review I wrote was around 50 chapters. And it was good. At 100 chapters my impression dimmed quite a bit. In the end I’m dropping it since I can’t bring myself to like this genre of eternal game and escape.

    1. The instance ‘backstories/explanations’ stop being interesting, and stop making sense. You can tell that the author is trying or something, but she ultimately is unable to pull it off. The arcs become confusing and rather ‘unnecessary’ feeling, where there is no longer anticipation or interest in what’s happening.
    1. The ‘challenge’ behind . more>> it all soon goes away. It was fun in the beginning, because there was still an element o danger and surprise, with the MC having to use actual skills, caution and brainwork. However, at the chapter where I am, it just becomes the MC coming across a problem, and before there is a chance or teamwork or logic, one of his ghosts happens to be the solution. There is no built-up tension or anticipation by the reader. At this point, it’s like these problems were made exclusively to be solved by Xiao Li and Xiao Li only. It’s hard to read through without thinking, ‘oh, blatant plot armour. again.’
    1. The MC is bland. It was interesting in the beginning when the focus was on the instances and not specifically on him. However, as the story becomes flatter, you can’t help but notice how utterly boring the MC is. There isn’t even an inner monologue. He’s just there. saying two sentences per chapter. It gets tedious.
    1. The ML is just weird. That’s it. He’s your typical cold, secretly over-powered guy. Except he’s similarly boring. He’s slightly more interesting, with his unexplained obsession with the MC, but yeah. that’s about it.

In summary, the story had potential. But then the author started to pile the plot armor on, like the MC could do no wrong, and to the point that it had lost it’s all-important sense o ‘mystery’. The instances become something to slog through, rather than to puzzle out and enjoy. It also serves to mention that the ‘puzzles’ stop making sense.

‘I wasn’t born a lucky person, I’m just too strong.’ On his way home late in the evening, Xiao Li found a letter asking for help and inexplicably came to an unknown place. He had to finish the task given before he could succeed in returning to reality. In the legendary haunted school, Xiao Li looked at his companions’ task of ‘survive until dawn’ and then looked at the tasks displayed in his book: Tell me your name. Tell me what you like. Kiss me. Xiao Li: ???? He was very confused and then refused.>