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A pull-tab is a gambling ticket that is sold as a means to play a pull-tab game. The object of the ticket is to open the perforated windows on the back of the ticket and match the symbols inside the ticket to the winning combinations on the front of the ticket. The winning Pull-Tab ticket is turned in for a monetary prize. Other names for it include Break-Opens, Nevada Tickets, Cherry Bells, Lucky 7s, Pickle Cards, Instant Bingo, Bowl Games, or Popp-Opens (Arrow International trademark).

The game manager operates the game by selling tickets and distributing cash prizes. The tickets may also be provided by mechanical pull-tab dispensers. The pull-tab tickets are multi-layered paper tickets containing symbols hidden behind perforated tabs. Several different games may be offered for sale at any one time; each may have different prices and payouts. Pull-tabs are typically sold for 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2 and $5 and have prizes as high as $5,000.

Each ticket has two sides. One side lists the winning combinations of symbols, the cash payout for each combination, the number of tickets that contain each winning combination, and the total number of tickets in the game. This information is also posted in a large printed sheet called a flare.

The other side of the ticket contains the perforated tabs. After purchasing the ticket, the player pulls the perforated tabs to reveal their winnings, if any. Cash prizes may be claimed immediately.

In some states, no pull-tab game may offer a single prize higher than a certain amount and/or may not cost more than a certain amount. For instance, in Pennsylvania, pull tabs cannot cost more than $1 per play, and no single prize can be more than $500.

Pull tab games are quite unique among wagering games in that each game, when new, has a predetermined quantity of tickets/chances, often less than 5,000 total, among which are a predetermined and fixed quantity of winning chances each of which rewards a predetermined prize value.

In 2010, approximately 20 states authorized and or licensed the use of pull tabs. The largest volume state in terms of dollar value sold is and has been for better than 15 years, Minnesota. In Minnesota as well as some other states, pull tabs are offered nightly from vending booths often called jar bars. All of the tickets in a game (called a “deal”) are poured into a transparent container that has attached to it a “flare” or poster that displays all of the winning symbol combinations, the quantity of winning tickets at each reward level, the name of the game, etc. Also attached to the container is a tally sheet that shows a potential player exactly how many of the “major winners” (major winner is one equal to or above 50x the value of the price paid for the chance) remain in that particular game at a given time.

A potential player can see through the transparent box roughly how many chances remain and they can view on the associated tally sheet how many major winners remain at any given time. When several major winners remain among a few chances, players buy as many as they can at a time. When no major winners remain among unsold tickets, the organization takes the game out of play or retires that deal and replaces it with a brand new deal. No other finite-probability based game provides more information to players about the status of the game.

The key attributes that make something a pull tab, electronic or paper, is the finite probability basis of having a predetermined quantity of chances among which there are a predetermined quantity of winners that pay a fixed and predetermined value of prize. Redemption of one losing chance actually does mean one chance closer to a winner. This is not so much the case with slots that operate on near-continuum probability premises. With a slot, each event is a separate activity without bearing on the next outcome and without having been influenced from past events, very different from pull tabs. Finite vs. continuum probability foundations make them different no matter which symbols are used or how those symbols are displayed: rotating, flash sequencing, revolving, etc.

Electronic pull tabs

An electronic pull tab is derived from paper pull tabs. The first electronic pull tab patent appears to have been filed in November 1990, US5042809. The electronic game closely resembled pull tabs in that when new, there are a fixed and preset quantity of chances among which are a fixed quantity of winning chances of a predetermined prize value. Furthermore, it brings the unique features of allowing players to view the quantity of chances for each given prize value in each deal, as well as other pull tab features common to pull tab operations in Minnesota, Virginia, North Dakota and other jurisdictions.

There have been several renditions of electronic pull tabs since 1990. The latest rendition was that authorized in Minnesota in the 2012 legislative session. These devices are available for use by state licensed charitable organizations. This version of an electronic pull tab uses a hand-held device, similar to a tablet computer, with a touch screen interface. All such devices are subject to control and monitoring from a central computer. Each device must have access to one or more finite sets of chances not to exceed a maximum number per set or “deal” as they are called in pull tab lingo. Sizes of the sets are under jurisdictional control and vary between maximums of 7,500 to 25,000. Among the chances are a predetermined quantity of winning and losing chances. Furthermore, the legislature stated that pull tab devices have “no spinning reels or other representations that mimic a video slot machine.” The Minnesota statute states an electronic pull-tab game means a pull-tab game containing “(a) facsimiles of pull-tab tickets that are played on an electronic pull-tab device.” One value of such systems is that they not only are much more secure than paper based systems, but afford an opportunity to present games that fall within pull-tab definitions, yet have an enhanced presentation and are more suited to the desires of an electronically oriented public. Innovative manufacturers of such gaming systems expand the entertainment value of the gaming experience through the introduction of new game presentation styles.

The devices are linked wirelessly to a master computer within the bar or restaurant or to a central computer which controls many sites. In Minnesota control computers are linked to the Minnesota Gambling Control Board, which oversees all of the devices.

Pull-tab A pull-tab is a gambling ticket that is sold as a means to play a pull-tab game . The object of the ticket is to open the perforated windows on the back of the ticket and match the

Pull-tab lottery games overview

What are pull-tab games?

Pull-tab games are a type of lottery game often referred to as break-open tickets. Each ticket contains at least one perforated tab that, when opened, reveals potential winning numbers or symbols. Pull-tab games are also called Lucky 7s, Popp-Opens, Instant Bingo, Break Opens, and Nevada Tickets.

How are pull-tab games played

In their physical form, pull-tabs are multi-layered paper tickets with symbols behind the tabs.

If a winning combination is pulled, the ticket can be exchanged for a cash prize. There are different ticket types, and pull-tabs are generally sold in denominations of $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $3, and $5. Potential prizes can be as high as $5,000.

The pull-tabs often display the odds of receiving a payout. However, because there is only a certain quantity of each prize available within the total supply of tickets for a given game, the odds change each time a prize is won.

Naturally, when multiple major prizes are still available with few tickets remaining, people start buying a lot more as the odds are better stacked in their favor. On the other hand, if the major prizes have all been won, the game is usually retired and a new one takes its place.

Probabilities for pull-tab games

The probabilities of scoring a win vary by pull-tab game. As an example, let’s look at the $1 pull-tab game running in Kansas. Here are the number of tickets available for each prize.

Number of tickets Prize
12 $1,000
190 $100
844 $35
1,686 $25
3,335 $15
6,864 $10
20,576 $6
43,298 $5
245,989 $1

The probability of purchasing a ticket that contains any prize is 1 in 4.19.

How much can you win with pull-tab games?

Payouts vary between different pull-tab game. The top prize is usually in the thousands of dollars, with the highest amount around the $5,000 mark.

Where can you play pull-tab games online?

Some online lotteries, such as Michigan’s, feature a “pull tab” section on their website, but it only lists the locations of land-based retailers where a ticket can be purchased. The Georgia lottery website employs a similar approach.

Generally, if online pull-tabs become widespread in the United States, you’ll find them at one of the country’s legal online lotteries:

The current state of the industry

Today, more than 20 states offer pull-tab games.

Some states impose maximum restrictions. In Indiana, for example, the maximum amount that can be charged for a pull-tab ticket is one dollar, and the highest individual prize cannot exceed $599.

In Iowa, tickets are dispensed from secure vending machines located at restaurants and convenience stores. Prizes up to $600 can be redeemed on the spot; anything larger must be claimed at an Iowa lottery office.

In some states where pull-tabs have been particularly successful, such as Minnesota, pull-tab games can be bought 24/7 via vending machines nicknamed as Jar Bars. Every ticket is placed inside a transparent container with a poster detailing the winning combinations and the number of winning tickets available for each prize. Players draw one of the tickets out of the jar and check if they’ve won.

Expert guide to pull-tab lotteries. Learn about the rules, probabilities, prizes, and the largest jackpots in pull tab lottery games.


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$738K table card game jackpot hits at Las Vegas Strip casino

The San Diego-area resident was in Las Vegas to help celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

Hitting a royal flush is always fun. Remembering to bet on the bonus makes it more exciting.

Patrick L. won a $738,104 Mega Progressive jackpot with the spades royal flush hit on Mississippi Stud at the Flamingo, according to the resort’s Twitter account.

Congratulations to Patrick L. on his Fabulous, Mega Progressive WIN for $738,104.00 on Mississippi Stud. Thanks for playing with the flock 🦩💰💕. @Caesars_Rewards #4EverFabulous #4EverWinning

The San Diego-area resident was in Las Vegas to help celebrate his daughter’s birthday, according to a Caesars Entertainment spokesperson, when he hit the winning hand at 6:30 p.m.

Patrick said he plans to use the money to put his kids through college and buy a summer home.

Recent wins in the Las Vegas Valley


Tim won $21,355.05 by hitting the Dragon’s Wealth jackpot.

Tim was playing Dragon’s Wealth last night when he hit a jackpot for a total of $21,355.05. Congratulations.

Austin won $17,713 on the Dancing Drums jackpot.

On October 16, Austin was playing Dancing Drums when she hit for a jackpot of $17,713! Congratulations!

The Dragon Link: Spring Festival jackpot hit for $15,593.06 for one player.

The jackpot party continues at Aliante, this time it’s Dragon Link: Spring Festival with a jackpot of $15,593.06 for our lucky winner!

California Hotel

Denise turned 88 cents on a Gold Stacks 88 machine into $11,282.87.

Denise was betting on lucky number 88! She bet $0.88 on Gold Stacks 88™ and turned that into $11,282.87!

Katherine won a $14,451.13 jackpot betting $5 on Lock It Link.

Katherine locked 🔒 in this $14,451.13 jackpot betting $5 on this Lock It Link machine!

Four Queens

A Dollar Storm machine hit for $13,447.


The Wild Wolf Bonus earned one player a $14,280 jackpot.

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Green Valley Ranch Resort

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An incredible win! A guest won $29,831 jackpot with a $0.60 bet on Cash Explosion!

Not to be outdone, this jackpot hit within 24 hours.

Another jackpot winner in less than 24hours! Let’s congratulate this lucky guest who won $73,403.50 with a $1.25 bet!

Planet Hollywood Resort

Robert K. from Dayton, Ohio, won $69,717 on his first hand playing Triple Double Bonus Poker.

The San Diego-area resident was in Las Vegas to help celebrate his daughter’s birthday.


results crossword

Crossword Heaven

Clue: Results

We have 8 answers for the clue Results. See the results below.

Possible Answers:

  • ENDS

Related Clues:

  • Finishes
  • Ultimately becomes
  • Comes to rest
  • Finally arrives (at)
  • Becomes, at last
  • Becomes
  • Arrives at last
  • Concludes
  • Eventually becomes
  • Turns out to be

Last Seen In:

  • LA Times – April 21, 2020
  • LA Times – February 23, 2020
  • LA Times – July 22, 2019
  • LA Times – May 26, 2016
  • Washington Post – November 11, 2012
  • LA Times – September 01, 2012
  • Onion A.V. Club – November 09, 2011
  • LA Times – August 28, 2011
  • LA Times – August 15, 2010
  • LA Times Sunday – March 15, 2009
  • Washington Post – December 24, 2006
  • LA Times – August 09, 2006
  • New York Times – October 19, 2001

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Find answers for the crossword clue: Results. We have 8 answers for this clue.

Result – Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Result.

11 letter answer(s) to result

  1. having important effects or influence; “decisions of great consequence are made by the president himself”; “virtue is of more moment than security”; “that result is of no consequence”
  2. the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual
  3. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon;

5 letter answer(s) to result

  1. issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end; “result in tragedy”
  2. to follow in order; come afterward, especially in immediate succession

6 letter answer(s) to result

  1. a surface coating for ceramics or porcelain
  2. the visual property of something that shines with reflected light
  3. a quality that outshines the usual
  1. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon;

7 letter answer(s) to result

  1. something that results; “he listened for the results on the radio”
  2. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon;

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nebraska lottery numbers

Nebraska Lottery 17+

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Must be 19. Please play responsibly. Problem Gambling Help Line: 800-522-4700.

‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Nebraska Lottery. Download Nebraska Lottery and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

$94K Nebraska Pick 5 ticket sold in Maywood

LINCOLN, Neb. – One lucky player who bought a Nebraska Pick 5 ticket for the Monday, January 4 drawing is holding a ticket worth $94,000.

The Nebraska Lottery has confirmed that one ticket sold for Monday’s Nebraska Pick 5 draw matched all five winning numbers for the $94,000 jackpot. The ticket was sold at Village Market, 116 N Commercial Street, in Maywood. The winning numbers from Monday’s Nebraska Pick 5 draw were 08, 10, 19, 21, 23. Players are encouraged to check their tickets at any Nebraska Lottery retailer, online at, or by calling the Lottery office at 402-471-6100.

Winning Nebraska Lottery Lotto tickets expire 180 days after the drawing. Prizes of $20,000 or more must be claimed in person at Lottery headquarters in Lincoln. Additional information about claiming prizes can be found at the Nebraska Lottery website,, or by calling 800-587-5200.

Nebraska Pick 5 is Nebraska’s unique Lottery game: all the proceeds from Nebraska Pick 5 stay in Nebraska, and all the winning tickets are sold in Nebraska at Nebraska Lottery Lotto game retailers. The odds of winning the Nebraska Pick 5 jackpot, which starts at $50,000 and grows by $4,000 each drawing that it is not won, are 1 in 501,942. The overall odds of winning any Nebraska Pick 5 prize which has drawings seven nights a week, are 1 in 8.

The mission of the Nebraska Lottery is to generate proceeds for good causes while providing quality entertainment options to Nebraskans. Over $803 million has been raised for the Nebraska Lottery’s beneficiary funds since the Lottery began in 1993. All 93 counties in Nebraska have benefited from projects funded with these Nebraska Lottery proceeds.

$94K Nebraska Pick 5 ticket sold in Maywood LINCOLN, Neb. – One lucky player who bought a Nebraska Pick 5 ticket for the Monday, January 4 drawing is holding a ticket worth $94,000. The


google award winning notification

Google award winning notification

Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

Go to the lotteries page to see more stories on fake lotteries.

If you received a similar email, you should go to the homepage to read more about 419 fraud.

Von: Google [mailto:[email protected]]
Gesendet: Freitag, 10. Februar 2017 08:43
An: Recipients
Betreff: Winning Notification

Dear Google User,

Please kindly find your winning notification as attached.

NOTE! Google values your right to privacy! Your information is 100% secured and will be used exclusively for the purpose of this award only.

Google award winning notification Hello, I am Miss Young. I received the following email. It is about a fraud lottery. The lottery claims that I won, but the reality is that they want MY money.

‘Google Anniversary’ Advance Fee Scam Email

According to this email, which is supposedly a Google Anniversary Winning Notification, you have won £950,000 in the Google Promotion for 2018.

The email urges you to contact your “Foreign Transfer Manager” to arrange the release of your prize money.

However, the email is an advance fee scam designed to trick you into sending your money and personal details to criminals. It is not from Google and there is no prize money. In fact, you have won nothing at all.

If you fall for the ruse and contact the “Foreign Transfer Manager” as instructed, you will soon be asked to send money to cover various fees supposedly associated with the processing of your prize claim. Like the prize itself, these fees are imaginary. If you do send money, you will likely be told that you must now send even more money to pay more fictional costs. These requests for money will likely continue until you run out of funds and finally realize that you are being scammed.

At that point, the criminals will simply disappear with your money and you will no longer be able to contact them. And, alas, it is highly unlikely that you will ever get any of your money back. Nor, of course, will you ever get the promised prize money, which never existed in the first place.

Moreover, during the course of the scam, the criminal may have managed to trick you into supplying a large amount of your personal and financial information, ostensibly to allow transfer of your funds and validate your claim. They may later use this information to steal your identity.

Versions of these Google Anniversary lottery scam emails are distributed just about every year. And, advance fee scammers use many other cover stories and pretend to be associated with many other high-profile companies.

Be wary of any message that claims that you have won a large sum of money in a lottery or promotion that you never entered and know nothing about.

Read more about Advance Fee Lottery Scams

An example of the scam email:

A winning check will be issued in your name by Google Promotion Award;
for the sum of Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds
Sterling ( £950,000.00) and also a certificate of prize claims will be
sent alongside your winning check cashable at any bank.

You are advised to contact your Foreign Transfer Manager with the
following details to avoid unnecessary delay and complications:


(1) Your Contact Address/Private Email Address.
(2) Your Tel/Fax Numbers.
(3) Your Nationality/Country.
(4) Your Full Name.
(5) Occupation/Company.
(6) Age/Gender.
(7) Ever Won An Online Lottery?

Paul Buchheit (Program Coordinator)

Mode of Price Remittance

*Cash Pick-Up (You as the Beneficiary coming down to the United
Kingdom to receive your Award Personally).

*Courier Delivery of your Certified Winning Cheque in your Name and
other Winning Documents safely to you.

The Google Promotion Award Team has discovered a huge number of double
claims due to winners informing close friends relatives and third
parties about their winning and also sharing their pin numbers. As a
result of this, these friends try to claim the lottery on behalf of
the real winners.
The Google Promotion Award Team has reached a decision from its
headquarters that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board
will result to the canceling of that particular winning, leading to a
loss for both the double claimer and the real winner, as it is taken
that the real winner was the informer to the double claimer about the
lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your
winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.

Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of the Google interactive
Lotteries Board Commission.

Lawrence Page
Co-founder of Googleâ„¢

‘Google Anniversary’ Advance Fee Scam Email According to this email, which is supposedly a Google Anniversary Winning Notification, you have won £950,000 in the Google Promotion for 2018. The


loteria game for sale

Board Game : Jumbo Loteria Bingo Game 10 Boards and 54 Cards

Enjoy a day with friends and family playing the Loteria aka “Mexican Bingo” Game! This is a classic Mexican Game you will find in every Mexican Household.

How to Play:

The Game Host yells the cards one by one.

The players then mark the spot with pennies, pinto beans, or, really anything you find at home. The first player with four chips in a horizontal, vertical, diagonal or, in some games, squared pattern wins the game after shouting “Loteria!”

If you want to take it up a notch, try it as a Drinking Game with Shots 😉

  • Easy to Learn and Play Card Game
  • Perfect for Children of All Ages and Adults
  • Known as “Mexican Bingo” Game
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  • 10 Jumbo Board Game Cards, 54 Calling Cards

Enjoy a day with friends and family playing the Loteria aka “Mexican Bingo” Game! This is a classic Mexican Game you will find in every Mexican Household.

How to Play:

The Game Host yells the cards one by one.

The players then mark the spot with pennies, pinto beans, or, really anything you find at home. The first player with four chips in a horizontal, vertical, diagonal or, in some games, squared pattern wins the game after shouting “Loteria!”

If you want to take it up a notch, try it as a Drinking Game with Shots 😉

Easy to Learn and Play Card GamePerfect for Children of All Ages and AdultsKnown as "Mexican Bingo" GameFun New Game CrazeGreat For Learning or Practicing Spanish10 Jumbo Board Game …

Millennial Loteria

La Shiny AF Edition. Now on Sale!

Put your shades on, because this special edition of Millennial Lotería is shiny AF! And now up to 20 people can play!

Every single card and board in this premium edition got a glow-up to guarantee your party is more lit than ever.

Millennial Lotería Shiny AF features:
56 Iridescent Cards (a combo of our original favorites made shiny + new cards that are funny AF)
20 Game Boards
160 Bitcoins
1 Enamel Pin
. All in one Shiny Box


“You need this Millennial Lotería for your next game night.”

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“A witty, introspective, and at times, critical version of the game that many Latinos grew up loving.”

“Lotería cards for Millennials exist and they are too perfect.”

“This guy gave Loteria cards the millennial makeover they deserve”

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“Perfect for the woke generation.”

“All hail Millennial Lotería, the brilliant rendition of the game created by Mike Alfaro.”

Millennial Lotería

Millennial Lotería is a hilarious and insightful parody of the classic Latinx game “Lotería”, but this time, it’s like way more millennial. Born from the viral Instagram account @MillennialLoteria, this game reimagines La Dama as La Feminist, El Catrín as El Hipster, and El Mundo as La Student Debt. Filled with nostalgia and ironic humor, it’s guaranteed to make your next fiesta be lit AF.

So grab your bitcoins and prepare to yell “Yaaaaasssssssssss, Millennial Lotería!”

Includes 46 cards, 10 boards, 80 bitcoin tokens, and a collectible Millennial Loteria pin.

Millennial Lotería. It's lotería, but like, way more millennial.


all about the benjamins lottery ticket number

The Top Five Lottery Movies that are Recommended to Watch

Winning the lottery is probably a big wish for most of you out there. There’s nothing stopping you from dreaming about fortune, after all. Now you can feed your fantasy on what it is like to win a lottery through various lottery themed movies. Maybe bet on the numbers used in the films as your inspirational digits on your ticket.

Buying tickets online is easy, saving you the time and hassle of going to the shop. On, there exist a variety of lotteries from which to choose when playing the lottery – and from anywhere in the world! The online results are updated as lotto draws take place every day of the week.

Even if you’re not a fan of lotteries, lotto films can be real entertaining to watch. Some movies feature the good side while others show the potential complications of winning the lottery. These films often demonstrate exactly what people can be capable of when jealousy takes hold…

Motivation and commitment are key if you are ever going to win the lotto. Check out these entertaining cinematic gems about lottery winners if you’re looking for a boost of enthusiasm and faith before your next lotto game.

It Could Happen to You

Based on a true story, this 1994 movie is a combination of a love story and how fate can change people’s lives. Nicholas Cage plays a hard-working policeman, Charlie Lang who does not have change for a tip. He promises to share a lottery ticket with the waitress Yvonne Biasi played by Bridget Fonda. The lotto coupon bore the numbers 6, 8, 12, 16, 26, 64 winning a staggering $4 million reward. Lang’s wife, Muriel tries to persuade him not to honour his promise but Charlie does what he thinks is best .

All About the Benjamin

The name of the film comes from the P. Diddy song ‘It’s all about the Benjamins’ that came out in 1997. This comic thriller released in 2002 features Ice Cube who plays a bounty hunter, Bucum Jackson. His next target is Reggie Wright (Mike Epps), a hustler who plays the lottery with numbers 15, 30, 37, 38, 45, 47. He wins the lottery only to find out he is being pursued by Bucum.

To avoid getting caught Reggie hides in a van driven by two murderous thieves who set off with $20 million worth of diamonds. Reggie leaves his wallet by mistake that contains his lotto ticket in the van. So the hunt is on for Jackson and Wright to find the van with the precious gems and lotto ticket. The film co-stars Eva Mendes, Carmen Chaplin, Jeff Chase and Bow Wow.

Waking Ned Divine

This film released in 1998 is set in an Irish village called Tulaigh More. Ned Divine played the lottery with the lucky numbers 4, 7, 19, 25, 29, 40 and died of shock when he found out he won. The lucky winner did not claim his prize of a whopping £7 million and the villagers seek to find out why. Upon discovering Ned’s tragic fate, his two friends plan on how they can claim the reward. Until the Lottery inspector arrives on Ned Divine’s doorstep…

Lottery Ticket

A 2010 comedy film features the rapper Bow Wow playing the role of Kevin Carson who wins the jackpot of a massive $370 million. He has to protect his lotto coupon over the weekend after the word spread with the neighbours that he had won. There are hundreds of ways how the lucky coupon can get into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the lotto claims office will not open until Monday.

Lucky Numbers

This film made was inspired by the Pennsylvania lottery scandal in 1980. A comedy film released in 2000 starrs John Travolta as the celebrity weatherman, Russ Richards. He invested in a snowmobile company that had already been struggling due to the warm weather. Russ’s friend Gig (Tim Roth) advises him try an insurance scam but ends up in debt. Gig convinces Russ to rig the lottery with help from Crystal Latroy (Lisa Kudrow). Richards asks someone else to buy the ticket with the winning digits 7, 9, 16, 11, 27, 70. What happens after is worth leaving unsaid as it will ruin the fun in the movie.

Are you looking for an entertaining film to watch? Whether it is comedy, romance or a thriller, keep popcorn at the ready. On top of that, do not forget your lotto ticket in your hand for the chance to win amazing prizes.

Nothing is stopping you from dreaming about fortune. Now you can feed your fantasy on what it is like to win a lottery through various lottery themed movies

all about the benjamins lottery ticket number

By Admin
Post date

“All About the Benjamins” quotes

“There’s a whole lotta money out there. All I gotta do is put my name on it.”
Ice Cube – Bucum

“You ain’t got a forehead you got a five-head.”
Mike Epps – Reggie

“You’ll never find a hairline like mine.”

“- Store Owner: Reggie, how many times do I have to tell you to open the potato chips after you pay for them?
– Reggie: Well, you’re gonna have to tell me that all the time, ’cause I like potato chips.”
Robert MacBeth – Store Owner
Mike Epps – Reggie

“- Bucum: Shoot out the back tire!
– Reggie: Who do you think I am, Mel Gibson?”
Ice Cube – Bucum
Mike Epps – Reggie

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“All About the Benjamins” quotes “There's a whole lotta money out there. All I gotta do is put my name on it.” Ice Cube – Bucum “You ain’t got a forehead


keno city

Faded Yukon Gold Rush Town, Population 20, Mines Its Weirdness

KENO CITY, Yukon Territory — The journey to the heart of Yukon’s historic mineral wealth started with a question posed to a waitress at the aptly titled Gold Rush hotel in Whitehorse, the territorial capital: What’s the weirdest place in Yukon?

Her answer was a patch of pay dirt around 290 miles north, past endless forests of spruce and golden-leafed aspen, at the end of a gravel road known as the Silver Trail. There lies Keno City, a gold-rush-era relic with about a dozen full-time residents, tap water not fit for human consumption and two bars whose owners haven’t been on speaking terms for more than a decade.

Perched among hills rich in silver, zinc and lead, Keno City began as a Swedish prospector’s staked claim in 1919, its name inspired by a popular gambling game and intended to lure hearty fortune-seekers with the promise of an ore-laden metropolis in Canada’s frigid northern reaches.

People made a go of it here for 70 years, as the region became one of Canada’s largest producers of silver. But in 1989, the town was largely emptied by the closure of the United Keno Hill Mine. That turned the nearby company town of Elsa into a ghost town and prompted even the most stubborn holdouts to rebrand their beloved mining outpost as a quirky testament to human tenacity.

“You walk into a place like Keno and you’re like: ‘What? How many people live here, 12?’” said Dirk Rentmeister, 57, a former miner who grew up in Keno and was drying out a freshly detached moose head in his driveway.

For the record, the population is 20, according to the 2016 census, but that includes part-time residents like Mr. Rentmeister, the owner of the Silvermoon Bunkhouse motel, who returns each summer to capitalize on visitors’ desires for nostalgia, nature and all-terrain-vehicle rides through the wilderness.

While this dot on the map has seen prospectors, prostitutes, miners and bootleggers come and go, it serves as a lesson on the dangers of betting it all on resource extraction, a capricious industry that has left the region scarred by environmental contamination and economic collapse.

Since its well was damaged in 2015, the hamlet has relied on drinking water trucked in by the government. Officials have found dangerous levels of uranium, arsenic and other minerals in the groundwater, contamination too costly to treat for so few residents.

“It’s a scary situation,” said Mike Mancini, the former director of the Keno Mining Museum, who owns the only pizza joint for hundreds of miles. “That’s what people are concerned about. How long will the government pay the bill?”

Still, residents have stuck around this long, and they refuse to consider leaving.

As a child, Mr. Mancini, 56, lived in a tarpaper shack in No Cash, a nearby station for the mine’s tramline, before his family moved to Keno. He stayed after the mine shut down and helped transform an old clapboard dance hall into the museum, which houses artifacts like antique mining equipment, midcentury home appliances and funeral dresses.

Making pizzas has helped Mr. Mancini make ends meet, but the lifestyle keeps him here, as do his neighbors.

“We’re like one big unhappy family,” he said. “Some people still don’t agree with things that happened 40 years ago, but if there’s an emergency, we come together.”

Little love is lost between the owners of Keno’s two bars, which just happen to face each other across the unpaved main street.

On one side is the Keno City Hotel, a long-derelict maroon clapboard pile that Leo Martel bought 11 years ago and renovated, its first-floor bar now furnished with pool tables, a piano and a sign over the bar top reading, “I thought I was wrong once, but I made a mistake.”

On the other side lies the Sourdough Roadhouse, a pub that Jim Milley bought 10 years ago, crushing Mr. Martel’s dreams of a bar monopoly.

Theirs is a feud steeped in competition and fermented with age. Both first arrived in Keno as young men. Both serve alcohol. And both nurse mutual grudges that neither is willing to let go of.

“He backed into a liquor license,” said Mr. Milley, 63, a wiry chain-smoker with a long gray beard, as he stood on his pub’s front porch, several feet away from Mr. Martel’s hotel door. “Now we have two bars for 12 people.”

“I wanted that bar across the street before Jim,” Mr. Martel, 66, said, his blue eyes narrowing as he sipped a beer in the hotel later one evening. “He needs conflict.”

Keno thrives by embracing its eccentricities. The village has no cellphone service or stores, and the nearest police officers are stationed 38 miles away.

At times, locals said, unusual characters show up, like the woman who wandered into town one winter and began burning library books to stay warm, and the ex-convict who came looking for a stockpile of buried guns and money he had heard about from a fellow inmate. (He never found it.)

In Mr. Mancini’s front yard, bushes have grown up among a collection of junked, rusting 1950s cars.

Back in the ’70s, he said, residents used to celebrate the end of the long winters by swapping partners. These days, they host a summer solstice party under the midnight sun at the top of Keno Hill, 6,000 feet above sea level, and end the season with a raucous Labor Day weekend festival known as Keno Gras, featuring costumes and a pig roast.

The town’s bohemian ethos has turned Keno into something of a magnet for people looking to escape the constraints of the modern world.

“This place feels like time took a holiday in 1978 and never came back to work,” said Doug Tremblay, 59, who works for the territorial government in winter but spends summers panning for gold in rivers and streams, a hardscrabble method known as placer mining that has been attracting people to Yukon for over a century.

Mr. Tremblay began placer mining a few years ago, a passion he admitted is stoked more by the thrill of discovery than the prospect of striking it rich.

“When you see gold rimmed along the bottom of a pan,” he said, “it’s better than sex.”

Prospectors, prostitutes and bootleggers have come and gone. There’s no cellphone service and no police. But there are two bars, whose owners haven’t been on speaking terms for over a decade.

‘Devastating’ overnight fire destroys iconic hotel in Keno City, Yukon

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‘A loss that’s going to be felt for many years and by many people,’ says friend of hotel’s owner

The Keno City Hotel, an iconic local landmark and gathering place in the small community of Keno City, Yukon, was destroyed overnight in a fire, local sources confirm.

Mike Mancini, the owner of the Keno City Snack Bar and a friend of Leo Martel, the hotel’s owner, said he first noticed the fire around 8:30 p.m. Friday, while eating dinner with Martel at his restaurant.

“I saw an orange glow above the roofline of the Keno City Hotel,” he said. “We ran out and realized that the hotel had caught fire.”

“The fire was full-on already by the time we got there.”

Keno City, a former mining boomtown about 335 kilometres north of Whitehorse, has just a few dozen residents and no fire department of its own, and no pumped water source.

Mancini notified the volunteer fire department in Mayo, Yukon, an hour’s drive away, which prepared a truck and hit the road north within 15 minutes, according to Trevor Ellis, the fire chief.

Alexco Resource Corp., which owns and operates mines in the nearby Keno Hill Silver District, provided water trucks so firefighters could work to prevent the fire’s spread into the early hours of Saturday morning.

No injuries were reported and the hotel was unoccupied at the time. The cause is still unknown, but when reached by CBC Saturday morning, Martel said he suspected the fire was deliberate.

“We went in the back and there was fresh tracks going into the hotel and the fire had started upstairs,” he said. “Pretty hard to find somebody that could have done something like that.”

RCMP and the fire marshal are currently investigating, Martel said.

“It’s devastating for the entire area,” said Ellis, the fire chief. “It’s really, really sad.”

‘Heart of the town’

The loss of the hotel is a major blow to the tiny hamlet and to the region, Mancini said.

“I’m basically in shock,” said Mancini. “It’s basically taking the heart of the town.”

“I’ve been here since the ’60s, and it was the place to go for a drink and dancing. It was a great place.”

Martel described it as “a place to have fun” where travellers and locals made good memories together.

“In the years that I was open, I think there was maybe four fights, and one of the guys started three of them,” he said. “We all had fun in there.”

Even Yukon MP Larry Bagnell said he had “fond memories” of the establishment.

“The hotel was an irreplaceable and iconic piece of Keno area history,” Bagnell said in a statement sent Saturday. “This is a truly sad day for the Yukon.”

According to its website, the hotel was built in the early 1920s as accommodation for prospectors and miners exploring deposits in the Keno Hill district. Abandoned by 2006, Martel and his brother purchased the hotel and restored it through “thousands of hours of labour,” Bagnell wrote.

“It was his life,” said Mancini.

“I worked extremely hard to renovate that hotel. I did that to leave a legacy — I loved this place,” Martel said. “I wanted to leave it for somebody to enjoy.”

“I would say it was in the grave and I pulled it out of the grave,” he said. “Now it’s permanently in the grave.”

  • Midnight Sun Hotel to rise again in Dawson City
  • Bar in ‘haunted’ historic Yukon hotel set to reopen

The hotel contained a pool hall, bar and 10 rooms. It’s been closed since Dec. 3, when Martel posted to the website saying it would close for the winter season.

“It is hard to say what the 2021 season will bring,” the post reads.

Martel said with the end of the Keno City Hotel, only two hotels of that age are left in Yukon — the ’98 Hotel in Whitehorse and Dawson City’s Westminster Hotel, known as the Pit.

“The loss of the Keno City Hotel is a loss for the community and the whole of the Yukon,” said Mancini. “It’s going to be felt for many years and by many people.”

The Keno City Hotel in Keno City, Yukon, an important local landmark, was destroyed in a fire Friday night.


powerball march 27 2020

PowerBall & PowerBall Plus Results for 27 March 2020

The South Africa PowerBall and PowerBall Plus results for the draw that took place on Friday 27 March 2020 at 21.00 are displayed below. You can view the winning numbers, followed by draw details and full prize payouts for both draws:

  • 8
  • 38
  • 3
  • 18
  • 45
  • 3
  • 2
  • 28
  • 39
  • 36
  • 16
  • 16

PowerBall Payouts

Divisions Winnings Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 5 plus Powerball R81,745,765 Rollover 0 No Winners
Match 5 R341,629 1 R341,629
Match 4 plus Powerball R9,724 22 R213,928
Match 4 R1,008 360 R362,700
Match 3 plus Powerball R457 897 R410,019
Match 3 R21 16,289 R342,069
Match 2 plus Powerball R21 12,380 R257,504
Match 1 plus Powerball R15 65,094 R976,410
Match 0 plus Powerball R10 104,915 R1,049,150

PowerBall Plus Payouts

Divisions Winnings Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 5 plus Powerball R76,618,428 Rollover 0 No Winners
Match 5 R40,093 4 R160,373
Match 4 plus Powerball R5,907 17 R100,424
Match 4 R464 367 R170,288
Match 3 plus Powerball R272 709 R192,564
Match 3 R11 14,517 R159,687
Match 2 plus Powerball R12 10,242 R120,856
Match 1 plus Powerball R8 53,651 R402,383
Match 0 plus Powerball R5 87,736 R438,680

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Players must be 18 or over to participate in online lotteries.

View the South Africa PowerBall and PowerBall Plus results for Friday 27 March 2020, including winning numbers, prize payouts and the number of winners.

Powerball Winning Numbers For 3/28/2020 Drawing: $160M Jackpot

Here are the winning Powerball numbers for the $160 million lottery jackpot drawing on Saturday, March 28, 2020.

    Deb Belt , Patch Staff
Posted Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 8:15 p m ET | Updated Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 11:03 p m ET

The Powerball jackpot has inched up to $160 million for the player who has the winning ticket on Saturday, March 28. The one-time cash payout for tonight’s Powerball drawing is $122.4 million.

The winning Powerball numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. Eastern time, with Powerball results usually posted within five minutes.

In most states, ticket sales end at least one hour before the drawing, but a state may halt sales earlier, such as Illinois, which stops sales three hours before the drawing. In Maryland and New Jersey, ticket sales end at 9:59 p.m.; in Virginia, they close at 10 p.m. Check with your state lottery for the cut-off time.

The winning Powerball numbers for Saturday, March 28, are: 07, 40, 48, 55, 66 and the Powerball of 11.

The largest Powerball jackpot in history was $1.586 billion, which was split by winners in California, Florida and Tennessee in January 2016.

To win the Powerball jackpot a player must match all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball number. The odds of picking the correct Powerball grand prize numbers are one in 292,201,338, which doesn’t change even if more players buy tickets when the jackpot is enormous.

You have a better chance of winning the Powerball jackpot if you let the computer select your numbers, according to lottery officials. About 75 percent of winning tickets over the years had numbers picked by a computer.

Powerball tickets cost $2 each. Find locations where you can buy your Powerball tickets here.

Powerball Winning Numbers For 3/28/2020 Drawing: $160M Jackpot – Annapolis, MD – Here are the winning Powerball numbers for the $160 million lottery jackpot drawing on Saturday, March 28, 2020.


golden bingo

Movie Award Ballot and Golden Bingo

No award show party is complete without some fun competition to the night at your own party. We have two printable games to keep things lively during the Motion Picture Academy’s biggest night of the year: A nominations ballot, and a special twist on bingo, Hollywood-style.

Printable Movie Award Ballot

Use our printable “AND THE AWARD GOES TO…” Nominations Ballot to keep track of each winner for every category that night. The highest score of correct category answers wins. Click the image below to download.

Click the image to download the movie award ballot

Printable Movie Award Bingo

Also, throw in our printable GOLDEN BINGO game to keep your guests engaged in the awards program and with one another. Always handy for a good laugh! Click the image below to download.

Click the image to download the movie award bingo ballot.

Pro tip: Mark off your bingo card with a wine stain using a cork.

Have a great time celebrating in style with all of your guests and be sure to toast the winners with La Crema wines this Sunday night!

And for the ultimate guide to creating a movie awards party that would make the Academy proud, here are seven tips to roll out the red carpet in style.


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The ultimate guide to make your Academy film-fete an award-winning affair!

Two printable games to keep things lively during the Motion Picture Academy’s biggest night of the year: A nominations ballot, and a special twist on bingo.

Golden bingo

Latest version of the final adopted rule presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC):

Effective Date: 8/16/2002
History Notes: Specific Authority 24.105(9)(a), (b), (c), 24.109(1), 24.115(1) FS. Law Implemented 24.105(9)(a), (b), (c), 24.115(1) FS. History–New 8-16-02, Replaced by 53ER04-26, F.A.C.
References in this version: No reference(s).

History of this Rule since Jan. 6, 2006

Notice /
Section Description ID Publish
Instant Game Number 452, “GOLDEN BINGO” (Replaced by 53ER04-26) 2893915 Effective:
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Golden bingo Latest version of the final adopted rule presented in Florida Administrative Code (FAC): Effective Date: 8/16/2002 History Notes: Specific Authority 24.105(9)(a),