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Bingo Cards for Sale Online

Bingo is a game everyone knows and loves! One of the most important parts of playing the game is a lucky card. With CT Bingo Supply, there’s no need to wonder where to buy bingo cards! We have a huge selection of paper cards and other supplies for sale. We can’t guarantee who the lucky person will be, but we can guarantee high-quality official, fair and easy-to-read Bingo paper cards. These bingo cards for sale are not only great for Bingo halls, but for parties, birthday celebrations and more! We have a huge selection of every type of cards and disposable paper you could imagine. Buy bingo game sheets, hard cards, shutter cards, collated paper, straight paper and much more! If you need to buy Bingo game cards or Bingo paper, there is simply no matter place to shop.

In addition to a huge selection, you will find our prices for paper cards and other products among the lowest in the industry. Our customers are our number one priority, and we want to serve you with the highest level of service, best products and lowest prices. We encourage you to browse our categories and products and find exactly what you’re looking for whether it’s hard cards or collated Bingo paper.

CT Bingo Supply has a huge selection of affordable bingo cards for sale. Find the bingo paper cards and supplies you need for your next game online today!

Bingo sheets for sale

With innovative features like a common serial number, Auditrack, and the Player Preferred series , UniMax has set the industry standard.

Variety and Flexibility

UniMax is available in eight series. With so many options to choose from, you can find the right series to fit all your bingo needs.

Maximum Security

With a barcode printed on every sheet, UniMax offers more integrity, accuracy, efficiency, and game control than ever before.

Common Serial Number

UniMax simplifies tracking and virtually eliminates players from using bingo paper from another game or session.

Player Preferred Advantage

Arrow’s Player Preferred series increases player involvement with more dabbing, excitement, and fun!

Machine Collation

Machine collation provides a standard color rotation, offers shorter lead times, and eliminates human errors.

UniMax Security Features

Protect your profits with the innovative security features of UniMax! There are four main security features to use when operating a game:

Border Color

The border color used on the bingo face identifies which game is currently being played.

Serial Number

This number should be posted at the beginning of each session to indicate the serial number that is currently being played.

Card Verification Number

The unique number is printed on each bingo face and is used to identify the 24 number face configuration of the B,I,N,G,O numbers printed. It is used in electronic or manual verification to determine if a face is a valid winner for the current game.

Paper Series

Identifies the cards in play by the different range of 9,000 cards.

UniMax has a state-of-the-art 2D barcode printed on every sheet that contains important information about each bingo booklet.

The 2D barcode printed on every sheet of UniMax is an incredible benefit to bingo operators using a point of sale (POS) system with barcode scanning capabilities. During sales of UniMax, booklets can be scanned to quickly and accurately identify the product information for faster and more efficient sales.

Booklet sales and accounting will be faster and more accurate, allowing operators to streamline their sales and get players into the bingo game faster and more efficiently. The additional integrity that this process offers will not only be a benefit to operators and bingo players, but to distributors as well.

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Selecting Your Series

Custom Collated Bingo Paper

Not only does Arrow offer the versatility of our complete 54,000 Capitol bingo paper series, we also offer the collations and variety of colors to meet the needs of any game. Why do we offer so many options? The answer is quite simple. Every bingo game has its own unique requirements. Capitol bingo paper offers customization and flexibility when it comes to choosing the series and paper type that’s appropriate for your specific games.

Capitol paper collations are ideally suited for customized rotations. When collations are required in a standard rotation, go with UniMax!

Versatility and Flexibility

Collations in book form allow game operators to provide a wide variety of game packages to players.

Player Preferred Advantage

Offer the action, suspense, and excitement that players prefer with our Capitol Player Preferred series!

Exclusive Auditrack System

Simplify the tracking of sales with Auditrack’s reliable, secure accounting of each session’s sales.

Our wide variety of bingo paper keeps your players involved with more action, suspense, excitement and fun! Your player’s will love to yell BINGO! ]]>