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£10K Bingo

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Eyes down for the chance to win £10,000

All the excitement of the Bingo hall

£1 game that could deliver up to £10,000

Choose your own Bingo card

Complete a row or column to win a prize

Win the top prize and shout Bingo!

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Game Name: £10K Bingo


These are the Game Procedures (the “Procedures”) for £10K Bingo (the “Game”). When You play the Game, these Procedures, the Rules for Interactive Instant Win Games (“the Rules”) and the Account Terms apply. The Rules and Account Terms can be found on the National Lottery website.

Any word or term in these Procedures that has specific meaning will have the meaning given to it in these Procedures or the Rules (unless the context clearly indicates otherwise).

Game details

Game Name: £10K Bingo

Game Price: £1.00

There is a 1 in 3.09 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Play of the Game. The expected prize payout percentage for this game is 66.00%.

This Game is a game of chance. The outcome of a Play in the Game is pre-determined by Camelot’s Computer System at the point of purchase. You are not required to exercise any skill or judgement to win a Prize.

How to play and win

Each Play has its own Play Number – this can be found on the Game outcome screen once the Game has been finished, in the “My Games” section of Your Account.

At the start of a Play, You’re presented with a splash screen displaying a PLAY button; You must select the PLAY button to begin the Game.

On selecting the PLAY button, You are presented with a Game Play Window displaying ‘CHOOSE YOUR BINGO CARD’ and three different coloured square panels (the “Bingo Cards”).

To start a Play, You must select a Bingo Card. On doing so, the Game Play Window will change and You will be presented with the main Game Play Window.

On the right of the main Game Play Window is a Bingo machine containing Bingo balls (the “Bingo Machine”) and on the left is an instruction box containing the following instructions: “TAP THE MACHINE TO RELEASE THE BALLS. COMPLETE A ROW OR COLUMN TO WIN PRIZE” (the “Instruction Box”). You must close the Instruction Box by clicking the cross in the top right hand corner to continue. A Bingo Game Card (the “Card”) will then be displayed on the left of the main Game Play Window which contains 16 squares, each square showing a number between 1 and 32. The Prizes available to be won are shown on the left and along the bottom of the Card. At the bottom of the main Game Play Window is a yellow panel containing 8 white circles (the “Drawn Balls Area”).

You must select the ‘TAP TO START’ button, displayed over the top of the Bingo Machine, to start the Play. On doing so, the Bingo Machine will animate and a ball displaying a number from 1 to 32 will be drawn from the Bingo Machine and fill one of the white circles in the Drawn Balls Area. If the number on the drawn ball matches a number on the Card, the corresponding number will then be marked automatically on the Card in blue. The next ball will then be drawn from the Bingo Machine, and so on, until all 8 balls have been drawn.

If You complete a row or a column on the Card, the numbers in the relevant row or column will highlight red, and the corresponding balls will highlight red in the Drawn Balls Area. The corresponding Prize amount will be highlighted to indicate that You have won that Prize.

The Game ends when all 8 balls have been drawn from the Bingo Machine and the corresponding numbers have been marked on the Cards. A message and a ‘FINISH’ button will appear over the Bingo Machine on the right of the main Game Play Window indicating the amount You have won, if any. You must select FINISH to complete the Game.


The Prize amounts and odds of winning are set out in the table below: Prize Amounts and Odds
Prize Amount Approx. odds (1 in x)
£1 6
£2 16
£3 20
£5 34
£10 250
£20 7,511
£100 50,000
£10,000 3,500,000

You can only win one Prize Amount per Play, as detailed in the Prize Amounts and Odds table above.


If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these Procedures – £10K Bingo and any other information issued by Camelot in respect of this Game, these Procedures will take priority (unless Camelot states otherwise).

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