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Breakfast Items

Beef Fajita Taco

(1 pc.) Bell peppers, onions, rice, and beans. Served on homemade tortillas.

Breakfast Taco

(1 pc.) Your choice of protein and eggs. Served on homemade tortillas.

Hippo Taco

(1 pc.) Chorizo, bacon, eggs, rice, beans, potatoes, and cheese. Served on homemade tortillas.

Pastor Taco

(1 pc.) Served with onions on homemade tortillas.

Barbacoa Taco

(1 pc.) Cilantro and onions served on homemade tortillas.

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License Plate Bingo and Other Fun Road Trip Games

While road trips can be a great opportunity for family bonding, long stretches in the car do tend to get boring. One way to combat road trip boredom is to turn your car ride into a game. Let’s talk about some of the fun road trip games you can play.

License Plate Bingo

License plate bingo is a fun way to see just how many of your fellow travelers are also far from home. Everyone gets a sheet of paper and writes down the name of each state they see on a license plate. They can even count license plates from Canadian provinces. Whoever spots the most states wins. Turn it into a learning experience by asking your kids what they know about each state. If this sounds like a game for your family, you can print out your own license plate bingo activity sheets.

The Movie Game

If you and your family are film buffs, The Movie Game is the road trip game for you. One version involves players guessing the title of a movie. The first clue is the number of words in the title. Proceed with additional clues until a player guesses correctly. The player who guesses correctly starts the next round of the game with a new title for everyone to guess.

Another version of the movie game involves the first player naming a movie. The second player must name an actor who stars in that movie. The third player must name another movie starring that actor. The game continues until a player can’t think of another actor or movie. The last player who can name a movie or actor wins.

I Spy

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “I spy with my little eye.” It’s a phrase used to start a very simple, yet very enjoyable, road trip game. I Spy is great for younger children as it teaches them to be observant of their surroundings. You can also use the game to reinforce knowledge of colors, shapes, and everyday objects.


In the game Categories, one person selects a category and everyone takes a turn naming something that fits into that category. The game ends when someone can’t think of another item. The last person who’s able to name an item wins and gets to select the next category. Good ideas for categories include United States presidents, state capitals, and European countries.

Truth or Fiction

The game of Truth or Fiction allows players to learn fun facts about each other. Each player takes turns telling the other players a story about something weird or exciting that has happened to them. You can talk about something that actually happened or make up a story. The other players have to decide whether the account is true or false.

These are just some of the fun games you can play during a road trip. Hopefully, these games make your trip a little more exciting while bringing your family closer together.

Image via Flickr by Ken Lund. Used with permission via CC by SA 2.0 / cropped from original

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One way to combat road trip boredom is to turn your car ride into a game. Let's talk about some of the fun road trip games you can play. ]]>