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Lotto Betting In 2021 – All You Need To Know

In lottery betting, punters place a bet on the results of official lottery draws through a betting operator. We appreciate and understand that there can be a great deal of confusion over the difference between lotto betting and playing the lottery, so we have written up this page to ensure that anyone who reads it is fully aware of everything they need to be about lotto betting. Leaving no stone unturned, we have pulled together everything there is to know about global lottos, the advantages of lotto betting, where and how it all started and why you might consider it the right move.

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Best Betting Sites for Lotto Betting in 2021

18+. Min £10 bet on Lotto Mon-Sun. 10% cashback on net aggregate losing stakes at the end of promo period. Cash credited next Mon. T&C’s Apply.

New Customers Only. Deposit and stake first £5 on Lotto within 14 days of registration. Credited within 24 hours. Free Scratchcards on Ted. 7-day expiry. Full T&Cs and payment restrictions apply.

Best Lotto Betting Sites: Top 5

  1. Ladbrokes
  2. bet365
  3. Coral
  4. Betfred
  5. Boylesports

The Difference Between Playing the Lottery and Betting on the Lottery

While there is only a fine line between playing the lottery and placing a bet on the lottery, the distinction is real and must be understood for either to be fully appreciated. Below, we explain the key differences so you can decide which is the best option for you.

Playing the Lotto

When you play the lotto, you are tasked with actually picking the numbers for the lottery that you hope will make an appearance. To do this, you will need to physically buy a lottery ticket, either online or at a licensed merchant, which in many countries can even be small traders and supermarkets. Winners of the National Lottery will usually have their prize paid for by the official lottery operator and lines (one play) costs vary from nation to nation, as do the amount of winning numbers needed as well as the size of the payout.

Betting on the Lotto

The difference, then, is that with lotto betting you are betting on the outcome of a lottery draw. When you bet on the lotto, you are able to bet on the final result of the draw for the same price and with similar prizes to be won. However, you have not paid into the prize pot with a bet as you would have done when you play the lotto, so any prize money you get back is paid out by the bookmaker who accepted your bet as opposed to the official lottery operator.

Because of the potential high payout and the little stake involved, bookmakers, you might well be thinking, have left themselves vulnerable to huge losses. That is why most top bookmakers employ an insurance model, which means that each lotto bet that they accept is insured to offset the risk. Betting on lottos through betting sites also opens up many, many more opportunities, as you can get involved with lots of international draws for nations that you are not citizens of as well as play in games that run at regular intervals during the day.

Popular Lotto Betting Markets

The majority of online betting sites will offer fixed odds for different types of lotto bets, so you have plenty of choice on what to bet on and your choices are not reduced to simply buying a line as you would do when buying a lotto ticket. We have outlined some of these below.


With a straight bet, you will bet on one number to make an appearance at whatever fixed odds your bookmaker is offering. Some bookies will also let you pick two or three balls which pay at a far higher rate than the getting three balls with a lottery ticket.


With a combination bet, bettors pick how many numbers from 1 through 14 that they can then add into accumulator bets such as singles, doubles, trebles, 4-folds or 5-folds.

Bonus Ball Number

Most lottos include a bonus ball that is drawn after the all the main balls are out, and happily bettors can wager on the number of the bonus ball and even its colour.

1st Number Drawn

Here you are betting on what the number of the first ball out will be. You only need to get one ball correct, but it must be the first one out in order for you to win this bet.

Total Value

This is a tough bet to win, but it is a lot of fun and a rewarding experience should you get it correct. What you need to do here is select the sum total of the balls within a range of values.

First Drawn Odd/Even

Will the first ball to be drawn be an odd number or an even one? It has to be one of the two, and so this bet has a 50/50 chance of success or failure.

In the Irish Lotto, players are able to bet on whether each number will be higher or lower than 23.

Highest, lowest ball

Here you are able to bet on the highest ball drawn, or the lowest. You don’t need to hit the jackpot, but as long as you have selected the lowest or highest number value to be drawn, you’ve won a fixed odds bet.

Lotto Betting Tips

While there is no guaranteed way to scoop the life-changing lotto win, there are a few steps you can take to enhance your chances of a decent payday. One way would be to bet on lottos from overseas, where the odds of getting just a few numbers correct pays at a better rate than the flat and fixed prize structure offered when you play the lotto instead. Otherwise, you can reduce your outlay by pooling up with others to share the costs of regular play. These are both ways to make that payday all the more possible.

Try The Irish Lotto

The Irish Lotto is the National Lottery in Ireland, but bookmakers in the United Kingdom have been taking Irish Lotto bets for years, even predating the age of the internet. This Irish option was started out as a scratch card game that launched in 1987 before evolving into a lucky number’s lottery draw. Since then, it has been running twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays under the commission of the Irish government.

In the United Kingdom, it has become the most popular lotto to bet on and the most wagered on draws outside of their own National Lottery game. Lots of players have become millionaires by playing, and winning, the Irish Lotto, while the draw itself has raised millions for charities and good causes in Ireland such as health, welfare and the environment. The draw is held twice weekly, each with a starting jackpot of €2 million which regularly rolls over and creates big prize pools of as much as €10 million. To play, you must select two lines per ticket from the numbers 1 through 47. That’s 12 numbers less than the UK National Lottery draw!

Syndicate Lotto Betting

With a lotto syndicate, the idea is to form a group of people, be they friends, family, work mates or whatever, and pool your resources together in order to distribute the costs of buying a certain number of tickets. Of course, this is all based on the contracted principle that, just as costs are equally shared, so too are any and all winnings. This has become a hugely popular option for many while also providing a sense of belonging and community for some, making it (almost) literally a win. For those that appreciate statistics, figures released by the UK’s National Lottery suggest that as many as one in five prizes are won by syndicates.

What are the Probabilities of Winning?

In a lottery where you select or lucky dip the 6 numbers you want to see drawn from a possible 59 alternatives, your odds of this coming true are 13,983,816/1, which means you have a one in 14 million chance of banking that all-important life changing sum. Because many people want to make a bit of money betting online and know full well when the purchase a ticket into a lottery that it will, in all likelihood, ultimately be a loser, betting on lottos, where high payouts are possible on a small number of balls being selected, is growing more and more popular by the day.

Different Lottos Around the World

Lottery Total Numbers
Arizona – The Pick 44 6
Australia – Oz Lotto 45 7
Austria – Lotto 45 6
Austria – Zahlen 90 5
Belgium – Keno 70 20
Belgium – Lotto 45 6
Brazil – Mega-Sena 60 6
British Columbia – BC 49 49 6
Canada – Atlantic Bucko 41 5
Canada – Lotto 49 6
Colorado – Cash 5 32 5
Colorado – Lotto 42 6
Connecticut – Classic Lotto 44 6
Europe – Euro Millions 50 5
Finland – Lotto 39 7
Finnish – Keno A 70 20
Finnish – Keno B 70 20
Florida – Fantasy 5 36 5
Florida – Lotto 53 6
France – Loto 49 5
French – Keno A 70 20
French – Keno B 70 20
Germany – Keno 70 20
Germany – Lotto 49 6
Greece – Lotto 49 6
Hong Kong – Mark Six 49 6
Hungary – Hatoslotto 45 6
Hungary – Lotto 90 5
Illinois – Lotto 52 6
Indiana – Hoosier Lotto 48 6
Ireland – Lotto 45 6
Italy – SuperEnalotto 90 6
Latvia – Keno A 62 20
Latvia – Keno B 62 20
Latvia – Keno C 62 20
Louisiana – Lotto 40 6
Massachusetts – Megabucks 49 6
Michigan – Classic Lotto 47 47 6
Michigan – Fantasy 5 39 5
Missouri – Lotto 44 6
New Jersey – Pick Six 49 6
New York – Lotto 59 6
New York – Pick 10 80 20
Norway – Viking Lotto 48 6
Ohio – Classic Lotto 49 6
Oregon – Megabucks 48 6
Pennsylvania – Treasure Hunt 30 5
Poland – DuzyLotek 49 6
Poland – Multi 1 80 20
Poland – Multi 2 80 20
Quebec – Quebec 49 49 6
Romania Lotto 6-49 49 6
Singapore – Toto 49 6
Slovakia Loto 5-35 35 5
Slovenia Loto 39 7
South Africa – Lotto 52 6
Spain – Bono 49 6
Spain – La Primitiva 49 6
Switzerland – Lotto 42 6
Tennessee Cash 35 5
Texas – Lotto Texas 54 6
Turkey – Lotto 6-49 49 6
Turkey – Super Lotto 6-54 54 6
U.K. – National Lottery 49 6
UK Plus 5 49 6
USA Mega Millions 75 5
USA Powerball 59 5
Washington – Daily Keno 80 20
Washington – Lotto 49 6
Wisconsin – Badger 5 31 5
Wisconsin – Megabucks 49 6

Charity Lottos

Lotteries and charities are intrinsically linked together and have been for centuries. In fact, lotteries began life as a fund building measure in Holland back in the 17th century. Fast forward to today and things are very much the same except that, instead of raising cash for the poor and unfortunate, these days the United Kingdom’s National Lottery raises funds for sports, the arts and entertainment among other things. Even the People’s Postcode Lottery aims to give at least 31% of its income to charity. Then there is the Health Lottery which benefits 12 local society lotteries that generate much needed funds for numerous local authority health services across Great Britain. Marie Curie, Age UK, and the North West Air Ambulance are other charities that crowdsource funds by utilising the power of the online lotteries too.

Free to Play Lottos

Today, there are plenty of options to play what are known as free lotteries. It should go without saying that, due to the design of a lottery being funded by buy-ins, the prizes are massively reduced in a free lotto. In the UK, one such example is the People’s Postcode Lottery, seen here advertised by Wales and British Lions Rugby legend Scott Quinell, where prizes roll over if they haven’t been claimed by the end of the day. The top prize is £300 per day, but the cost is free and all players are required to do is register an account, enter their post code and email address. Similarly, there is a Doblotto where the DOB stands for date of birth and where, once registered, players can win a £50 prize given out if your day, month and year of birth are drawn by the computer.

UK National Lotto

In 1994, John Major, then Prime Minister of Great Britain, launched the first state-franchised lottery in the country’s history. Then, as now, the draw is privately run by the Camelot Group. Unbelievably, the first ever draw saw seven different people correctly picking the winning numbers, scooping a share of almost £6 million. In 2002, it was rebranded as The Lotto and is still known this way today. Originally, the tickets for the draw were priced at £1 a line, but this has since doubled while the amount of numbered balls in the draw, originally 49, has also jumped to 59, making it much harder to win the jackpot.

Other Popular Lottos

There is no shortage to the different types of lotteries that punters can wager on. Betfred is a particular good bookie for betting on lottos with the Betfred 49s, Betfred Spanish Lotto and the new Betfred Nifty Fifty all being fan favourites. Ladbrokes is also a top provider of a wider range of lottos with the Ladbrokes 49s surpassing all of its rivals.


While the word Keno is derived from French and Latin Quine or Quini, the game actually originated in China before expanding far and wide. These games have become extremely popular as some of them run every five minutes, providing users with the chance to win big all day long, every day.

German Keno

German Keno is one popular form of the game in which the player selects 10 numbers from 1 to 70. Once you are all set with your numbers, the lottery will begin to draw its 20 balls. One interesting fact worth noting about the German Keno draw is that 29% of the winning numbers drawn also appeared in the previous draw. Make of that what you will.


KeNow takes place every 4 minutes each and every day of the week. With this speedy repeater, you don’t even need to match any numbers. KeNow plays like other Keno lotto games, meaning you select the numbers that you hope will be drawn and the more that you get right, the bigger your prize will be. While most Kenos go off every 5 minutes and play with as many as 80 balls, KeNow blasts off every 4 mins and with 70 in play. Players playing along can choose between one and ten to draw.

Kino Greece

Kino (as it is referred to in Greek) is another uber-popular draw, mainly due to the frequency of matches. It is also popular, however, due to its great value odds. Kino is one of the most popular choices for players who are searching for a regular repeating game filled with fast-paced and uncomplicated action. This Greek version of keno can be played any day of the week between 09:00 in the morning and 23:55 in the evening.

Where to Find Lotto Results

Draw Website
National Lottery
UK Lotteries
Health Lottery
People’s Postcode Lottery
DOB Lotto

Lotto Betting FAQs

💸 How does Lotto Betting work exactly?

Lotto betting works by allowing players to bet on the lotto with a betting slip, rather than play the lotto with a ticket.

🤔 How do I place a bet?

Just choose the numbers that you wish to bet on and add them to your slip before adding your stake.

📈 How much does a bet cost?

Your cheapest available option for a single line bet is £2 for the National lottery, but you can stake lower when betting.

ThePuntersPage Final Say

Lottery betting is a fantastic idea, designed to let customers get the chance to win millions of pounds online by betting on the outcome of lotteries. This works despite the fact that these lotteries are national draws from foreign countries, which means that non-citizens can’t buy actual tickets for them. There are many factors to pay attention to when you are choosing whether or not to bet on the lotteries, let alone choosing the right draw for you. However, some online betting operators will now take bets on the outcome and offer far higher odds for getting a few balls right rather than only aiming for the lottery’s jackpot. This is because players are not entering the draw but instead, they are betting on the outcome of the draw and, in doing so, have opened up a whole new world of wagering opportunities.

Learn why lottery betting has taken over playing on Lotto and how it works 💡 why it pays so well ✔ how to win your slice of the pie 🤑

How Do I Use Lottery System Bets?

With a system bet you can bet with more than the standard amount of numbers, therefore increasing your chances of winning exponentially. Although the concept may seem complicated at first, making your bet with systems is quick, easy and has huge profit potential. In this article we’re going to show you exactly how.

System Bets in a Nutshell

System Bet games essentially mean you are choosing more than the standard set of numbers than you would on a regular game. All these numbers are then betting on the following draw in multiple combinations, affording you the opportunity to match more numbers per bet. It should be noted that the more numbers you select the more the cost will rise. This is because you are essentially activating multiple games at the same time: more numbers = more games.

To engage the System Bet simply click on additional numbers beyond the regular amount of required numbers (i.e. pick more than five for US Powerball) and the feature will be engaged automatically. You will also see that the System Bet has been activated at the top of the bet slip. By adding an additional number, now six different lottery games will bet on the draw.

With EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, meanwhile, you can pick all available bonus numbers to increase your winning chances even further.

With system bets you have a greater chance of winning those huge jackpots not to mention any of the other lower division prizes.

What exactly is a system bet?

With a system ticket you can play more numbers per bet slip and therefore statistically increase your chances of winning. All the possible number combinations are automatically selected for you from your chosen digits. This has the added advantage of paying out more in the case of a win, since you would win with many number combinations at the same time.

Win the American Dream

Two of our most popular lotteries at Lottoland both come from the US – MegaMillions and US Powerball. Together these games offer the biggest jackpots on the planet. With both lotteries, in additional to the standard five numbers, you can add an additional 15 for a massive 20 numbers per game! Due to the way the game is designed you can only pick one extra number, however you do still have the option of adding the extra games – i.e. the US Powerall “PowerPlay” and MegaMillions “MegaPlier” features, to multiply non-jackpot wins. Get the power of multiple entries AND prize multipliers together!

The Advantage of Betting with System Bets

So, what are the benefits of system bets? Well, by betting with multiple games simultaneously you get more chances to win. Some people also like to use a mixed game, where they first click the Quicky +1 button for a fully-random set of numbers. They then engage a system bet by picking their own special numbers – their lucky numbers you might say – in conjunction with their random Quicky numbers to get the best of both worlds.

Step by Step Guide to Lottery System Bets

Making a system bet with us here at Lottoland is very easy. The following infographic shows you at a glance how it works. If you scroll further down the article, the individual steps are described in more detail for you.

System Bets may seem complex at first – and, in numerical terms they are – but for you, the player, they’re both easy to understand and use, and they make it easier to win, too! Simply follow these simple steps and you too could be on the fast-track to riches!

1. Choose Your Lottery

The first step is to choose the lottery you wish to bet on. You can activate system bets in any of Lottoland’s lotteries, except for the Spanish Christmas Lottery and its smaller sibling, El Nino (this is because they’re traditional raffle-style lotteries, based on buying tickets with specific numbers, rather than a lotto where you select your own numbers).

2. Choose Your Lucky Numbers

Next, choose your numbers – remember you can either go for a Quicky, by clicking the Quicky +1 button, or you can select and add every one of your numbers manually.

3. Choose Your System

Now you can choose your extra numbers. These can be regular or supplemental numbers (e.g. Lucky Stars in EuroMillions). Just click to select your lucky numbers. Keep an eye on the type of system you have activated on the top of the selection area. Feel free to hover your mouse cursor over the System Type box to get more information on your selection including how many actual combinations you will be betting with.

4. Select additional numbers

With each additional number you add your chances of winning a prize increase significantly. The cost of this investment grows each time, but so does the potential payoff should you guess correctly.

5. Select additional options and Games

Don’t forget those extra games – such as Lotto+, for the Irish Lotto, or, for the giant US lotteries, you also have the option of selecting the MegaPlier (MegaMillions) or PowerPlay (US Power) to multiply non-jackpot wins.

System Bet Example

Everyone’s looking for a way to increase their chances of winning the Lotto and since system bets offer a chance to tilt the odds in your favour, betting with system bets makes sense. Remember the more numbers you pick the more numbers will be used in more and more different combinations. The table below shows you all the different types of games available for the Austrian Lotto, how many combinations will be entered and how much they cost. Note that the names of each system bet correspond to the types of numbers picked.

System Bet Examples
System Bet Combinations
System 07 7
System 08 28
System 09 84
System 10 210
System 11 462
System 12 924
System 13 1,716
System 14 3,003
System 15 5,005
System 16 8,008
System 17 12,376
System 18 18,564

Our Lotto Secret Tips

Unimaginably high jackpots are waiting for you with America’s flagship lotteries MegaMillions and PowerBall. Here it is also useful to try your luck with system bets as a way to make your very own ‘American Dream’ come true.

Poland, Ireland and Sweden’s most popular lotteries all offer comparatively good odds and high jackpots. If you take advantage of system betting you improve your chances relative to just trying one line on its own.

What happens if I win with my system bet?

Let’s take the EuroJackpot lottery as an example. Normally, you first choose 5 numbers out of 50 and then pick 2 out of 10 bonus numbers. With a system bet, you get to choose extra numbers. For example, you could choose an additional bonus number and thus increase your chances threefold. Now let’s assume that you are exactly right with your 5 out of 50 and that you have also hit one of your three Euro numbers.

Since you have played a total of three combinations through your system tip, you will now be paid three times. Two of your bets win in the 2nd prize tier (5 + 1 correct) and the third bet wins in the 3rd tier (5 + 0). That’s usually enough to wake up the next day as a millionaire! If math was not your favorite subject in school then you don’t have to worry. Here at Lottoland your system bets are calculated automatically, and you will of course be informed of any winnings by email.

System bets are a way to make multiple lottery bets with the same set of numbers, increasing your chances of a win. We give details of how system bets work. ]]>