best sports bettors to follow on twitter

Best sports bettors to follow on twitter

It wasn’t easy finding 5 people to follow on twitter for good and advice but we found them just for you. Keep in mind that just because some might have a lot of followers it doesn’t mean they are good. After searching many of them attempting to find some tweets worth reading we finally produced this top 5 listing of best betting twitters. And the top 5 twitters are for betting tips:

@nbatips – NBA tips uses a computer generated program to determine what NBA games you should bet on. Does it work? According to the guy behind the program behind the site it took years to perfect it and the track records are public information. We first saw their website back in the spring and went 4-2 with their tips but keep in mind it is a small sample size but it ended up being some nice wins to add to the bankroll.

@bettingexpert – Perhaps a bit light on the betting tips and heavy on the football rumors but we love the rumors regardless. Who doesn’t want to hear the dirty stories behind the scenes that truly influence the game. Their twitter background is a bit crazy but it’s all about sports believe us. With nearly 500 followers and over 4000 sportsbetting tweets it is a good resource.

@bettingcat – This person has over 800 followers and approaching 60,000 tweets for an overload of data. They focus on casinos including table games, football, horse racing, lottery, poker and soccer. From Alajuela which means Costa Rica then they surely know sportsbetting as Costa Rica is an online sportsbetting capital.

@4_sportsbetting – This twitterer has over 1000 followers and over 11,000 twitter posts with a bio that claims they have been sportsbetting over 10 years using it to make their full time income. If is mainly full of NFL tips with the odd bit of sports news information. Scanning through their list of tips it seemed to be full of useful tips and not some random crap that anybody could make up. If you want to start someone here is a good place to learn about sportsbetting and get some free great tips along the way. Follow Pete Wilkins if you want to learn more.

@online_betting – If you’re looking primarily for betting tips on the Premiership in football then this seems to be the go to resource for football betting. This user boasts 246 followers at the time of writing this article and over 1300 tweets to their credit. It contains useful information about sportsbetting so if you need a you can get all your information here. It also contains tips if you like to bet on the horses. When you visit this twitter account you know what they are about but after reviewing their tips we found them worth following.

If you know of a good tipster you think should make this list and has a twitter account send it in to the staff at SuperBetting and we’ll give them a good review and consider adding them to our profiled listings of tipsters.

Also, you can follow @metabetting at Twitter.

Follow these top 5 sportsbetting twitter accounts that contain useful betting tips, betting guides and picks to help you make money at sportsbetting.

The Top 5 Twitter Sports Betting Accounts

Regardless if you’re going all in on sports betting or just looking for some betting-inclined sports analysis, there’s much to be recommended about following sports betting personalities on your social channels.

Given its format, Twitter is medium best suited for the acquisition of breaking news, real-time updates, and up-to-the-minute advice and strategy. You won’t get the visual gags or braggadocious materialism of sports betting to the same degree as you will on Instagram, but you will get more practical and actionable knowledge.

Here, we present you with our top list of the most influential and popular sports betting twitter accounts. There’s a bevy of great accounts to choose from, running the gamut from new agey, dedicated stat heads to old school, dyed in the wool Vegas types.

1. @JoeFortenbaugh – Dad Jokes Spliced with Hard Hitting Analysis

Joe Fortenbaugh is a voice you might recognize if you’ve got any sports betting podcasts in your usual queue. He’s part of ESPN’s Daily Wager podcast, as well the morning host of the Bay Area’s premier sports radio station, 95.7 the Game. He’s not afraid to throw a hefty amount of shade on specific players and teams during his analysis, either.

Kinda feel like sending the MLB gambling gods a message tomorrow by betting the entire card.

For our money, he’s got a great dash of humor and pop culture references to go along with his extensive experience picking winners. Turns out having a kid doesn’t preclude you from getting memes after all.

2. @ToddFuhrman – The Perspective of a Former Oddsmaker

A former oddsmaker at Caesars, Todd Fuhrman possess a level of insider knowledge and expertise rarely seen amongst the industry’s public figures. In addition to his 107K following on twitter, he’s also the host and founder of @BetTheBoardPod, and provides betting-centric analysis to a variety of media outlets to boot.

In the span of a few short days Auburn will go from one of the nation’s most underrated teams to overvalued in the Field of 68

Following Fuhrman presents you with an opportunity to see things from the eyes of a former bookmaker and gain intimate insight into opening lines, their movement and what this means for bettors.

Few in the business can dissect a matchup like Fuhrman, and his larger than life personality combined with proven sports betting acumen has cemented his reputation as one of the most well respected and popular figures in the industry.

What’s more, he doesn’t just break down matchups in the big 4 sports, either. Fuhrman is just as comfortable talking the nuances of NASCAR as he is Sunday’s NFL game. If you can bet on it, Fuhrman can analyze it.

3. @SportsCheetah – Spotting Cognitive Errors and Inefficient Markets

@SportsCheetah, otherwise known as Preston Johnson, gained popularity through his unusual methodology for picking winners. Johnson is well versed in both sports psychology and behavioral finance, and he picks his bets after running odds through the lens of these disciplines. If finding and capitalizing on inefficiencies in betting markets is your thing, you won’t be disappointed with Johnson’s interpretations.

Wow a bald white returned Mormon missionary out of the crowd dunks on the Jazz in the 4th quarter after the game got out of hand

Johnson’s unique background results in a social media presence (and a spot on ESPN’s Daily Wager podcast) that offers a wholly unique perspective on how to understand, conceptualize, and strategize sports betting. His takes are always incisive, and to express a sentiment we’re confident he’d agree with, it’s good to diversify.

4. @RufusPeabody – For the Analytically Minded Among Us

Rufus Peabody is the obligatory “numbers guy” on this list. He forms one half of the best @BetTheProcess podcast and he brings substantive quantitative analysis to both his podcast and his Twitter feed. When he speaks, sports betting’s analytic community listens.

If you understand the limitations of your model and regress properly to the market, you can be way off-market in your numbers, but as long as you’re directionally correct, you’ll have an edge.

You can count on him for measured analysis. If projection systems, regression models, and moneyball-esque analysis are in your wheelhouse (or if you wish to make it part of your wheelhouse) then Rufus Peabody isn’t going to disappoint.

5. @BFawkesESPN – A High-Level View

Ben Fawkes, as the editor of ESPN’s gambling section, has an expansive view of sports betting. If you’re looking for a wide lens perspective on sports betting, or just want to learn more about the industry and its future, he’s your man.

People in the gambling industry have been shouting this from the rooftops for years.

We’ve come a long way that the #NHL commissioner is professing the same belief.

Fawkes’ feed offers you a great channel to keep up with the latest in sports betting news, and he doesn’t limit himself to focusing exclusively on individual games like so many of his peers.

He provides updates on sports betting’s always evolving legal status around the world, tracks the biggest bets being placed at sportsbooks around the world, and looks at trends in betting volume across the globe. If you’re looking to educate yourself on the business of sports betting and where it’s heading, Fawkes will doubtlessly aid in your pursuit.

Want to Learn More about the Reaches of Sports Betting?

We’ve got you covered, with an entire section dedicated towards the weirdest, nichest, and most interesting aspects of sports betting.

Remember though, you shouldn’t always believe what you read on the internet. In our eyes, sports betting Twitter is a great supplement for your own sports betting lifestyle, but nothing substitutes doing your own homework.

There's a ton to be learned by following the smartest and most influential people in the world of sports betting on Twitter. Here's our favorite 5 accounts.