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The Professor Is In.

A reader wrote to share this # MeTooPhD saga from U of Florida. Ugh. It’s depressingly gross and I don’t recommend you read it if you don’t have to, but the harasser’s name is Andrew Lotto and of course he’s allowed to retire instead of being fired.

TW: sexual harassment


Investigation reveals extensive sexual harassment allegations against former professor

The Professor Is In.


Black Doctor Fired From Med School After Discussing Racism

The Professor Is In.

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A reader wrote to share this #MeTooPhD saga from U of Florida. Ugh. It's depressingly gross and I don't recommend you read it if you don't have to, but…

Andrew Lotto

Incident 8471



If you want to share a public document detailing academic sexual misconduct, want to report an error, or know of updates to a case, please email:
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This database includes evidenced cases of academic sexual misconduct and cases where relationship policies were violated. All cases are based on publicly available documents or media reports, and only cases documented publicly can be included. Read more.

Andrew Lotto Incident 8471…