5 card cash

5 Card Cash Winning Numbers

All the latest Kentucky 5 Card Cash winning numbers from the past seven draws – find out if you’ve won a Kentucky Lottery prize.

New results are posted on this page a few minutes after the draw is held at 11 pm ET Monday through Saturday.

This poker-style game has two chances to win on each hand – Instant Win can deliver a $5,000 cash prize immediately, and your ticket is also entered into the nightly draw for the chance at a top prize of $100,000. Learn more on the 5 Card Cash game page.

To see older KY 5 Card Cash results back to May 2012, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Past Winning Numbers.”

Kentucky 5 Card Cash winning numbers for the last seven draws, plus links to previous results.

5 Card Cash

5 Card Cash is a poker-style game from the Maryland Lottery with a top prize of $100,000. Each ticket has the chance to win twice with Instant Win plus a Daily Drawing.

The Daily Drawing takes place every evening. Monday through Saturday it’s held at 7:56 pm ET, and at 8:22 pm on Sunday.

How to Play

5 Card Cash is a terminal game, so there’s no playslip – simply ask the retailer for a 5 Card Cash ticket. Each ticket costs $2.00 and has five cards randomly generated by the terminal from a regular deck of 52 playing cards.

There are two ways for each ticket to win:

  1. You can Instant Win the prize for a hand as soon as your ticket is printed at the terminal if your Poker Hand has a pair of Jacks or higher.
  2. The Daily Drawing is held seven nights a week – five cards are chosen at random from a standard 52 card deck. Win by matching two or more of the five cards drawn.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Players can claim prizes of $600 and under immediately at an authorized retailer. If you’ve been lucky enough to get an Instant Win, you can claim your prize right away and receive an exchange ticket for the daily draw, or you can wait to see if your ticket wins in the draw too.

Check the tables below for the prize structure and odds of winning for Instant Win and the Daily Drawing.

The overall odds of winning any 5 Card Cash prize are 1 in 3.9.

Information on 5 Card Cash from the Maryland Lottery – how to play, drawing schedule, prizes and odds for this poker-style game with both Instant Win and a Daily Drawing so each ticket has two chances to win. ]]>