Online Lottery South Africa

The lottery is comparatively new to the southern country in the African continent, in comparison with other states that have been running draws since the XVII century. In this article, we will describe the lottery field in RSA. We made an extensive Internet study intended to provide some useful information to lottery participants and the persons who want to begin playing.

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First of all, if you dream of purchasing a lucky lottery ticket online in South Africa, you can do it. South Africans can purchase a lottery ticket from any of the international largest lotteries – those with the biggest jackpots or favorite games for drawing a jackpot. In addition to the lotteries, our agents provide a diversity of games, including Keno and Bingo. Due to the rise in popularity of Internet lottery, an increasing number of online agents create their websites. At the moment, it is hard to understand which brand is trustworthy. That’s when the LOTTOALOTTO.CO.ZA is very useful, we cover the lottery field so that our clients could reach an informed decision.

How can I purchase a lottery ticket online in South Africa?

Buying a lottery ticket online from South Africa is not only easy-to-use; this is also a gate to the big jackpots. The international lottos provide significant jackpots and appealing prize tables.

Play world lotteries. Buy 1 ticket, get 1 ticket absolutely free!

You have to create an account. As anticipated, the purchase of a first ticket needs an effective account with a lottery agent. We recommend you to take a look at our prime picks table at the top of this page for the lottery brands we regard as most preferable for South Africans. For further information, read several feedbacks to choose the perfect agent. To register an account with the selected brand, press on the button in the row of the brand. You will be forwarded to the main page where you can finish the registration procedure. We will request the main identification data, such as a full name, age and e-mail, and so on.

After that, choose the lottery draw meets your requirements. As indicated, the best attraction in purchasing lottery, as well as other online games, is the vast variety of lotteries that become accessible. There are lots of them– the majority chooses those who currently have the largest jackpot or the best chances for winning the jackpot. Please take a look at some feedbacks on Euro Millions, Powerball, Euro Jackpot, etc.

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Finally, buy your first raffle ticket. As soon as you have registered an account and chosen the numbers of your favorite lotto, you’ll have to purchase a ticket. Take a look at the top list table or read a few feedbacks where we highlight the best offers from the agents to know what to anticipate upon non-cash transactions. Agents accept a variety of payment means – wire transfer, bank card, and electronic wallets – so the payment is very easy.

My greetings! If you completed all the steps and got this far, you can be considered a lucky owner of a ticket giving you the opportunity to fight for a jackpot that can change your whole life.

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Varieties of South African lotteries

The South African lotteries include the following major lotteries:

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The Lotto: this is one of the most popular games in the region. The principle of this game is similar to most lotteries, the player selects six numbers for his/her game. This can be selected randomly while the ticket is bought, or each of the numbers can be selected manually. The figures have to be selected from 1 to 49. The lucky tickets for such games are generally purchased from official distributors and store owners who are entitled to distribute lottery tickets. It is important that the customer records his/her full name and contact information on the reverse of the ticket and collect the bill of sale. These measures are obligatory for claiming the winnings. The draw for The Lotto takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:00.

Lotto Plus: this game looks a lot like the lotto. Moreover, the gaming principle is just the same. The sole distinction is that this lottery includes one extra number to be picked up, and one additional jackpot of the player gets the selected number. The draw also takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.

Powerball Jackpot: This game has certain distinctions from the previous games. Here, the gamers select five numbers (1-45) and one additional number (1-20). The latter also represents an extra jackpot. Therefore, the game is referred to as “Powerball jackpot”. In addition, gamers can select several draws. This permits them to bet on the same number in different draws. The draw for this game takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00.

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PICK 3: PICK 3 is an everyday draw game whereby a player chooses 3 numbers each from 0-9. There are various kinds of bets that are available as part of the pick 3 game. These are 3 Way Mix, 6 Way Mix, Straight, Split Pair, Front Pair and Back Pair.

Eaziwin: Eaziwin is an e-game. It is an immediate play and instant win game. Using the cutting-edge and well-governed technology, this game substituted the daily and weekly lottery tickets. Players like this game since there is no wait during the draw. Players instantly figure out if they have won or lost. This game revolves around a combination of locally designed lottery games within SA and internally recognized lottery games. To date, these draws take place every day, and this also enhanced the possibility of winning for a regular customer.

Sports Stake 13: This is one of the latest games that have been run as part of the SA Lottery. It includes live sporting outcomes and fixtures together with a lottery format. There are 13 pre-established match fixtures, and the gamers play by projecting the results of such matches drawn from SA, English, and other professional football matches. Unlike purchasing other lottery tickets, this game is more expensive to participate. The price data of all of this can be found on the national lottery webpage. The “bet slip” is bought of any one of these three possible results – 1. For the house country to win 2. For the house country to loss (i.e., an away win) or 3. For a draw. And the outcomes are based on the 13 fixtures.

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What should winners know?

The deadline for soliciting the winnings: each lottery ticket has expiry dates. The expiration dates may be indicated on the reverse of the lucky ticket. If it’s not printed, the gamers must visit the official webpage for the SA National Lottery. For Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, Powerball, and Powerball plus players have up to one year from the date of the draw of the winning numbers to request their prize. If the latter has not been requested, following the expiration, 50% of the unsolicited prize funds will be transferred to the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund for distribution for the benefit and philanthropy.

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Claiming the prize funds

Claiming confidentially: The lottery enterprise “Ithuba” has argued that it will not share any of the data of the champions, and therefore, winners can solicit their winning on the condition of anonymity if they want. If the winner has delivered the company an agreement in writing, we can use the winner’s name and photo in any of its public announcements concerning the lottery and jackpot sum.

Play world lotteries. Buy 1 ticket, get 1 ticket absolutely free!